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Elliott manual for the Mk 13 Autopilot

Technical Information

Catalogue No: D0755
Document Type: Technical Documents
Topic: Flight Control
Title: Elliott manual for the Mk 13 Autopilot
Author: R.W.Howard & C.R.Reese
Company: Elliott Bros (London) Ltd
Publisher: Elliott Bros (London) Ltd Borehamwood
Platform(s): Lightning 
Date: 6 Jun 1956
Pages: 100
Copies: 1
Location: Cupboard DB (Docs) [RAeS Office]

A description is given of the Mk 13 Autopilot system as developed for installation in the English Electric P1B aircraft. The system provide three-axis autostabilisation, attitude holding and automatic I.L.S. coupling.


Copy No 28. Report No. 444

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