Technical Documents Document Archive

Technical Documents cover in-depth technical descriptions, such as Papers presented at Conferences or prepared for publication in Technical journals. In addition reviews of a particular technology area would be produced for handouts at major events such as Farnborough
Title Cat No Topic Year
The Design and Development of the BITE facility for the Concorde AFCS D0180 Flight Control 1973
Automatic Test Equipment for Concorde Avionics D0181 Test Equipment 1972
Internal Technical Report No. 170 on Max Cruise Mod Block Definition Progress Report D0184 Flight Control circa 1970
AFCS for SST Concorde D0187 Flight Control 27 May 1971
The Concorde Automatic Flight Control System D0186 Flight Control TBD
MonoHUD for Civil Transport Aircraft D0549 Head-Up Display [HUD] Jun 1978
LANTIRN HUD Optics D0432 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1984
Digital Computers D0567 Computing circa 1968
Wide Angle Raster Head Up Display D0011 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1985
The Design and Development of the MRCA Autopilot D0300 Flight Control Sep 1973
VC10 Flight Control System D0584 Flight Control Unknown
The Cost of Collaboration in Avionic programmmes. D0686 Corporate / Business Sep 1978
Optics Group Report No.OG000140 D0721 Head-Mounted Display / Goggles [HMD/NVG] 17 Jan 2005
Integrated Modular D0722 Mission Systems Jun 1991
Proposal for A HOLOGRAPHIC HELMET SIGHT DEMONSTRATOR D0723 Head-Mounted Display / Goggles [HMD/NVG] Mar 1992
Assessment of a Helmet-mounted Matrix Display during a Simulated Combat Air Patrol Mission D0724 Head-Mounted Display / Goggles [HMD/NVG] Jun 1982
The A.B.C. of 'Electronic Brains' D0688 Computing 1960
Parts Catalogue D0752 Maintenance and Support circa 1965
Elliott manual for the Mk 13 Autopilot D0755 Flight Control 06 Jun 1956
Aircraft equations of motion for small disturbances from steady flight D0757 Flight Control 06 Nov 1958
Military Avionic Displays D0080 Displays Unknown
Some thoughts on actuation systems for the Avro-Whitworth A.W.681 D0707 Flight Control 05 Dec 1963
Electronic Displays For Rotary Wing Aircraft. D0764 Displays Feb 1962
Head Up Displays (HUD) as a landing aid. D0776 Head-Up Display [HUD] circa 1995
Adjustable-Lap Hydraulic Control Valves D0511 Flight Control circa 1965
START - A Solid State Broad Application Gyroscope D0142 Sensor / Transducer Jan 1990