From the Curator

An RAA Pamphlet on the life of Sir Leon Bagrit has just been posted as Catalogue No. D0727.  The opening lines of the story seem very relevant at present:

' The salvation of the Company and new jobs on the Airport site were due to the entrepreneur Leon Bagrit. Leon Bagrit was born on 13 March 1902 in Kiev, Ukraine, the younger son and second of three children of Manuel Bagrit, jewellery designer and jeweller, and his wife, Rachel Yousopovich. The family left the Ukraine when he was a small child and arrived in London from Belgium in 1914.....'

There is now a Webinar presentation about the Rochester Avionic Archives by the Curator available on Youtube at RAA Webinar

The new archive guide for the Aircraft Manufacturers Survey can be found on the AAAI website  AAAI Aircraft Manufacturers Survey. It is accompanied by a short history of UK aircraft manufacturing and a useful guide to related sources held by The National Archives.  The guide currently features entries on the archives of over 90 companies and organisations, but is far from complete.