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Air-to-Air Gunnery with the Head Up Display

Technical Information

Catalogue No: M0020
Media Type: Film
Topic: Aircraft, manned
Title: Air-to-Air Gunnery with the Head Up Display
Company: General Dynamics
Division: Fort Worth [of GD]
Supplier: Chess Valley Films Ltd
Platform(s): F-16A/B Fighting Falcon 
Date: 20 Oct 1978
Physical Format:
7" film reel 
Image Format:
16mm movie film 
254 seconds 
Copies: 3
Location: Cupboard MA (Films) [Media Room]
Download Video: AS mp4 (17.73 MB)

This film is about 80 seconds shorter than the other two. copies. The shortening has been achieved mainly by reducing its captions' durations.

This film shows various clips of HUD symbology against the outside skyscape by directing a film camera through the HUD's combiner glass to give a pilot's eye view.

Presumably the strobing effect arises because the film camera was not synchronised with ethe HUD symbology refresh frequency.

Although the film is silent, its captions explain the HUD's symbology modes and the aircraft's manoeuvres.

Captions & Credits:

00:01 F-16 Multirole Fighter
           Air-to-Air Gunnery with the Head-Up Display
00:06 This film shows to pilot's forward view through the Head-Up
           Display (HUD) during an air-to-air gunnery mission at twilight.
00:47 The use of tracer bullets at twilight demonstrates excellent
           correlation between actual bullet paths and the computed paths
           displayed on the HUD, even during high-g maneuvers.
00:58 In the "snapshoot" mode, gun aiming computations are optimised
           for transient firing opportunities during dynamic maneuvers.
01:07 Snapshoot Mode 2g right turn
           Range: 2300ft, Airspeed: 400; Altitude: 7100ft
01:27 Snapshoot Mode 4g left turn
           Range: 2300ft; Airspeed: 375; Altitude: 7900ft
01:42 Snapshoot Mode 4g right turn with 4.2g pull-up
           Range: 2300ft; Airspeed: 485kts; Altitude: 11,100ft
02:11 Snapshoot Mode 3g rolling left turn
           Range: 2300ft; Airspeed: 435; Altitude: 10,500ft
02:29 Snapshoot Mode 1.3g left aileron roll
           Range: 2400ft; Airspeed: 370; Altitude: 12,000ft
02:52 Snapshoot Mode 1.8g left rudder kick
           Range: 2000ft; Airspeed: 400; Altitude: 14,200ft
03:18 In the "Lead Computing Optical Sight" (LCOS) mode, gun aiming
           computations are optimized for steady target tracking.
03:26 LCOS Mode 2g left turn
           Range: 2300ft; Airspeed: 290; Altitude: 10,900ft
03:46 LCOS Mode 2.1g diving right turn
           Range: 2000ft; Airspeed: 430; Altitude: 12,700ft
04:07 General Dynamics

Container Inscriptions:

'Air to Air Gunnery with Head Up Display'
for Marconi Avionics ADD
(Captions from shortened master - halved)
Chess Valley Films Ltd.
Film House, Nightingales Corner
Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire
Telephone (02 404) 2222