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New HUDWAC 1982

Technical Information

Catalogue No: M0088
Media Type: Film
Topic: Head-Up Display [HUD]
Title: New HUDWAC 1982
Company: Marconi-Elliott
Division: Airborne Display [ADD]
Supplier: Chess Valley Films Ltd
Platform(s): A-4 Skyhawk  A-7 Corsair  F-16A/B Fighting Falcon 
Date: 1982
Physical Format:
11.25" film reel 
Image Format:
16mm movie film 
2510 seconds 
Copies: 1
Location: Cupboard MA (Films) [Media Room]

A medley of clips joined together for an unknown purpose.

Captions & Credits:

Head-Up-Display Flight Test
A4 Aircraft
A7D/E Aircraft
Air to Ground
Airborne Display Division of Elliott Flight Automation
A member of GEC-Marconi Electronics Ltd
Military Head Up Displays
A-7 Corsair II
Vought Aeronautics
An LTV Aerospace Company
Weapon Aiming Modes
Mode 1 - Target of Opportunity (Rocket Attack)
Mode 2 - Visual Dive Toss Bombing
Marconi Avionics
Integrated Head Up Display
Weapon Aiming Systems
F-16 Multirole Fighter
Air-to-Air Gunnery with the Head-Up Display
This film shows the pilot's forward view through the Head-Up Display (HUD) during and Air-to-Air gunnery mission at twilight.
The use of tracer bullets at twilight demonstrates excellent correlation between the actual bullet paths and the computed paths displayed on the HUD, even during high-g maneuvers.
In the "Snapshoot" mode, gun aiming computations are optimized for transient firing opportunities during dynamic target maneuvers.
[maneuvers at six range, airspeed & altitude combinations]
Snapshoot Mode 2g right turn
Snapshoot Mode 4g left turn
Snapshoot Mode 1.2g right turn with 4.2g pull-up
Snapshoot Mode 3g rolling left turn
Snapshoot Mode 1.3g left aileron roll
Snapshoot Mode 1.8g left rudder kick
In the "Lead Computing Optical Sight" (LCOS mode, gun aiming computations are optimized for steady target tracking.
[maneuvers at two range, airspeed & altitude combinations]
LCOS Mode 2g left turn
LCOS Mode 2.1g diving right turn
General Dynamics
..20mm cannon...low vibration levels...
...launch missiles at subsonic and supersonic speeds...
Ground Attack
The F-16 can carry a greater payload over a greater distance and deliver its weapons with greater accuracy than any other multipurpose fighter in the world.
...multiple store stations...
...payloads up to 15,000 pounds...
...visual delivery accuracy...
...retains self-defense capability...
...speed/agility/size - reduces vulnerability...
...all weather capability...
Voice of James R. Schlesinger
Secretary of Defense
Fighter Pilots do it better ... in the F-16
The F-16
Selected by:
United States AF
Belgian AF
Royal Danish AF
Royal Netherlands AF
Royal Norwegian AF
Imperial Iranian AF

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