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The collection of 16mm films includes sales and promotional items on company equipment or aircraft. There are a number of films in particular about the F-16. Many of the films are more routine and show HUD symbology trials, Birdstrike tests or autoland trials. However even these latter films have historic value with for example clips of the early VC-10 aircraft.

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Title Cat No Topic Year
A Decade on the Move (F-16 promotion) M0001 Aircraft, manned TBD
A Decade on the Move M0002 Aircraft, manned TBD
F-16A 747, Flight 191, Evaluate F-16 Gunsight System M0003 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1978
Head Up Display Weapon Aiming Systems M0004 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1975
Head Up Display Weapon Aiming Systems M0005 Displays 1975
Head Up Display Weapon Aiming Systems M0006 Displays 1975
Head Up Display Weapon Aiming Systems/Mirage 50 Snapshot Trials/F-16A Flt 191 Evaluate F-16 Gunsight M0007 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
YF-16 Gunsight Evaluation No. 7 M0008 Displays 10 Jun 1974
Capability in HUD Production M0009 Displays TBD
GEC/Pyestock Seat Ejection Runs 1-4 M0010 Multiple 1989
Air Blast Trial Bedford Front Camera M0011 Multiple 1990
Mirage 50 Air to Air Flight Trials M0012 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1976
A-7, A-4, YF-16, FLIR M0013 Displays 1976
Weapons Delivery & Navigation System (capabilities) M0015 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
A Tactical Acoustic Processing System (principles) M0016 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) Unknown
F-16 #747 Flt. 681 M0017 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
The Hot Performer, The F-16 M0021 Aircraft, manned TBD
The Hot Performer (F-16 promotion) M0022 Aircraft, manned 1975
The Hot Performer, The F-16 M0023 Aircraft, manned TBD
The Hot Performer, The F-16 M0024 Aircraft, manned TBD
The Hot Performer. The F-16 M0025 Aircraft, manned TBD
Elliott Inertial Navigation System for Blue Steel (principles & manufacture) M0026 Navigation/Inertial TBD
Thunderbirds,the legend lives on M0027 Aircraft, manned 1984
Thunderbirds,the legend lives on M0028 Aircraft, manned TBD
Thunderbirds, the legend lives on M0029 Aircraft, manned 1983
Thunderbirds, The Legend Lives On (USAF Display Team) M0030 Aircraft, manned TBD
F-16 Fighting Falcon ...Ready Now! (promotion) M0031 Aircraft, manned 1981
MonoHUD BAC 1-11 M0032 Displays 1979
F-16/747 Flight 675 Gunfire M0034 Aircraft, manned 1980
F-16/747 Flight 681 M0035 Aircraft, manned 1980
F-16/747 Flight 744 M0036 Aircraft, manned 1980
F-16/747 Flight 667 M0037 Aircraft, manned 1980
F-16/747 Flight 676 M0038 Aircraft, manned 1980
F-16/747 Flight 690 M0039 Aircraft, manned 1980
F-16/747 Flight 191 Evaluate F-16 Gunsight System M0040 Displays 1978
F-16/747 Flight 672 Gunfire M0041 Aircraft, manned 1980
YF-16 Gun Sight Evaluation M0042 Displays 1974
BA Boeing 747 Take-Off & Landing M0043 Flight Control Unknown
A-7 Night. A-7 FLIR Low level attacks M0044 Aircraft, manned Unknown
YC-14 TV Clip M0045 Aircraft, manned 1978
YF-16 Snap/LCOS/DFT M0046 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1975
YF-16 Gun Sight Evaluation M0047 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
Computers for Management - Prog 5 M0048 Computing TBD
Flight Control M0049 Flight Control Unknown
Capability in HUD Production M0050 Multiple Unknown
Mirage 50 Snapshoot Trials M0051 Displays 1976
F-16 Air-to-Air Guns - Titles and Offcuts M0052 Displays Unknown
VC10 Autoland: One approach to Bedford M0053 Flight Control 1980
A-7 Corsair M0054 Aircraft, manned TBD
Mirage 50 A-A Flight Trials M0056 Aircraft, manned 1976
Bird Strike & Canopy Bird Shot M0057 Displays TBD
ARBS M0058 Multiple 1974
CATO Helicopters Instrument Panel M0059 Multiple TBD
F-16 A/A Guns with Tracer Shells M0060 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1978
Flypast of two F-16s at Rochester Site M0062 Aircraft, manned 13 Sep 1985
Elliott Rastergraphics M0063 Displays 15 Sep 1969
Night Sensor Section removed M0065 Multiple TBD
YF-16 + Phantom, YF-16 M0067 Aircraft, manned 1976
Flight Test of HUD Weapon Aiming Symbology M0068 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1975
C-5 Wing Mod, First Flight M0070 Aircraft, manned 1980
F-16 latest symbology M0071 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1977
Air to Air Gunnery with the Head Up Display M0072 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1978
Fog of War M0074 Multiple 1990
Air to Air M0075 Aircraft, manned 1975
Air to Air M0076 Aircraft, manned 1975
F-16C/D HUD Birdstrike Test M0079 Head-Up Display [HUD] 18 Nov 1983
Birdstrike, LANTIRN HUD M0080 Displays 1986
LANTIRN HUD F-16A Impact Test No. L-1 M0081 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
Test No. L-3 M0082 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
A-7D/E Night Sensor Program M0083 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
HUD on DC9-20 M0084 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
Tomorrows World Night Vision M0085 Film TBD
Tomorrow's World on Night Vision Equipment M0086 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1983
New HUDWAC 1982 M0087 Aircraft, manned 1905
New HUDWAC 1982 M0088 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1982
Washington Film M0089 Film 1976
Washington II M0090 Aircraft, manned TBD
Washington 3 M0091 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
A-7 HUD/WAC M0093 Displays TBD
Flight Control M0094 Flight Control 1968
Flight Control M0095 Flight Control 1968
Pax River Trials M0096 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
Angle Rate Bombing Set (ARBS promotion) M0097 Displays 1980
Honour of her award M0098 Corporate/Business Unknown
Elliotts in Inertial Navigation M0099 Navigation/Inertial TBD
Elliotts in Inertial Navigation M0100 Navigation/Inertial TBD
Military HUDs (principles) M0101 Displays TBD
F-16 latest symbology M0102 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1977
New Integrated HUD Weapon Aiming System M0103 Film TBD
New Integrated HUD Weapon Aiming System M0104 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
New Integrated HUD Weapon Aiming System M0105 Displays TBD
A-7 Through the window M0106 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
Trials Film M0107 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1974
F-16 Air-to-Air Guns HUD Symbology M0108 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1978
Flight Line 70 (Rochester site's products) M0109 Corporate/Business circa 1970
Printed Circuit Board tracking with CAD M0110 Manufacturing Unknown
3D plots over HUD Camera Images of Air-to-Air encounters M0112 Head-Up Display [HUD] Feb 1972
Bird of Prey M0114 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Bird of Prey (F-16 promotion) M0115 Aircraft, manned TBD
Unknown M0116 Film TBD
R.Bareham M0117 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
Maritime Monitor, Tornado, Jaguar Compilation M0118 Aircraft, manned Unknown
GEC Centenary M0119 Corporate/Business TBD
A-4 Top of the line M0120 Aircraft, manned TBD
A-4 Top of the Line (promotion) M0121 Aircraft, manned TBD
Ex Air Craft Mk4 M0122 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Cat III Flight Devolpment Program (trials) M0123 Flight Control 1967
What's a Girl Like You? (women in engineering) M0124 Personal/Personnel TBD
Get Well Soon (office safety) M0125 Personal/Personnel 1982
Systems are our Business M0126 Navigation/Inertial Unknown
HUD for Weapon Aiming and Navigation M0127 Film TBD
HUD for Weapon Aiming and Navigation (demo) M0128 Displays TBD
HUD for Weapon Aiming and Navigation M0129 Film 1979
Flight Line 70 M0130 Film TBD
HUDs for Civil Aircraft (principles & trials) M0131 Displays circa 1968
Honour of Her Award - Part 2 M0132 Corporate/Business Unknown
Objective: Dust Count - Zero (principles) M0133 Manufacturing 1962
A-4M 426 HUD Flights 21, 29 & 40 M0134 Displays 1976
Integrated HUD Weapon Aiming Systems M0136 Film TBD
Integrated HUD Weapon Aiming Systems M0137 Film TBD
Integrated HUD Weapon Aiming Systems M0138 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
Locating Enemy Artillery (principles) M0139 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 1962
Military Head Up Displays M0140 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
The New HUDWAC M0142 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1905
The New HUDWAC M0143 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
The A-7 Head-Up Display (symbology) M0144 Displays TBD
Elliott HUD M0145 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
HUD Flight Test A-4/A-7 Film 99 M0146 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
HUD Flight Test A-4/A-7 Film 99 M0147 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
HMD Air Blast Trials at Bedford, Front Camera M0149 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] Unknown
Automatic Flight Control Systems M0152 Flight Control TBD
Automatic Flight Control Systems (development & manufacture) M0153 Flight Control TBD
Automatic Flight Control Systems M0154 Flight Control TBD
An Introduction to Tornado M0155 Aircraft, manned TBD
Tornado Low Level Flying M0156 Flight Control TBD
Tornado M0158 Aircraft, manned TBD
YC-14 First Flight & YC-14 In Flight M0159 Aircraft, manned circa 1976
The YC-14 (features & capabilities) M0160 Aircraft, manned 1977
YC-14 Capability M0161 Aircraft, manned 1977
VC10 Landings at Bedford M0162 Flight Control 1967
VC10 Landing M0163 Flight Control 1966
Auto-Land VC10 M0164 Flight Control 1966
VC10 Autoland M0165 Flight Control 1966