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Chatham Standard Article 75-03

Technical Information

Catalogue No: M0477
Media Type: Newspapers
Topic: Aircraft, manned
Title: Chatham Standard Article 75-03
Company: Elliott
Division: Not Applicable
Supplier: Chatham Standard
Date: 1975
Physical Format:
Folded sheets, loose 
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297x420 mm page (ISO A3) 
Version: Original
Copies: 1
Location: Document Chest 1
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Crash of the Elliotts company plane. Fuel caused motorway landing.
Report from FLIGHT International, March 1975:
An Aero Commander 680, G-ASHI, made a forced landing alongside the M2 motorway on February 19 when power was lost as a result of fuel contamination. The Accidents Investigation Branch of the British Department of Trade has found that the bulk storage tank at Rochester airport, from which the aircraft took off, had been filled with 1,500 gallons of aviation kerosene instead of 100-octane petrol. A full investigation of the accident has been ordered.

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