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Merlin - Farnborough '94

Technical Information

Catalogue No: M0682
Media Type: Video Tape
Topic: Surveillance (Sonar / Radar / CCTV)
Title: Merlin - Farnborough '94
Company: Loral-ASIC
Division: Unknown
Supplier: Spectrum Communications
Platform(s): Merlin AW101 (EH101) 
Date: 1995
Physical Format:
VHS video cassette 
Image Format:
PAL video (625-line)  
410 seconds 
Copies: 1
Location: Cupboard MB (Tapes) [Media Room]
Download Video: AS mp4 (35.83 MB)

AQS 903 equipment.

Captions & Credits:

00:00 Loral ASIC
00:06 Merlin; The Royal Navy Helicopter of the Future
00:44 Mission: Locate and Destroy
02:07 Target Acquired
03:13 Weapon Selected
04:05 Weapon Released
04:46 Target Destroyed
05:29 Mission Completed
05:34 Loral ASIC; Merlin Prime Contractor
05:38 [scrolling]
           EHI: Airframe; Aircraft Management Computers;
               Mission Control Units; Engineering Support
           Rolls- Royce, Turbomeca Limited
               RTM 322 Turboshaft Engines
            Racal Radar: Defence Systems Limited
               Orange Reaper, Electronic Support Measures (ESM)
            GEC-Marconi Avionics Limited
               AQS 903 Acoustic Processing System
               Blue Kestrel 5000 Radar Sensor
               Communications System
             Ferranti-Thomson Sonar Systems
               and Thomson Sintra
               Active Dipping Sonar
             Chelton (Electrostatics) Limited
               Sonobuoy Homer System
             M/A COM Limited
               I-Band Transponder System
             Compution Devices Hastings Limited
               Digital Map Generator
             Serco Systems Limited
               Merlin Avionics Test System
             Ultra Electronics Limited
               Link 11 Data Link Processor and Data Terminal Set
             Thorn EMI Electronics Limited
               DataCollation Device
             CSC PSG OK Limited
               Configuration Management
06:06 The Merlin Mission System
             - in a class of its own
06:12 At the Heart of the Mission System:
             Radar; Active Dipping Sonar; Sonobuoys
06:20 Merlin's priority:
             Hunt; Detect; Destroy Potential Threats  
06:27 Multi-Mission tasks include:
             Anti-Surface Warfare; Search and Rescue
             Amphibious Operations Support
06:35 Merlin
           The most sphisticated ASW/ASuW helicopter of the future
06:41 Greg Davis: Director-business Development
06:46 Julie Vass: Merketing Communications
             © MCMXCV

Container Inscriptions:

Merlin - Farnborough '94
Client: Loral ASIC
Title: Merlin Video - Sept'94
Duration: 6' 30""

For further information, please contact:
LORAL ASIC, Business Development
Berkshire House, 168-173 High Holborn
London WC1V 7AA, United Kingdom
Telephone (+44) 171 497 1168

Spectrum Communications
16-18 Acton Park Estate, Stanley Gardens
The Vale, London W3 7QE
Telephone: 081 740 4444, Fax: 081 749 5361"