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MRT-S Maritime Patrol

Technical Information

Catalogue No: M0664
Media Type: Video Tape
Topic: Surveillance (Sonar / Radar / CCTV)
Title: MRT-S Maritime Patrol
Company: GEC-Marconi
Division: Sensors [of GEC-Marconi]
Supplier: In-House
Platform(s): Nimrod 
Date: Unknown
Physical Format:
VHS video cassette 
Image Format:
PAL video (625-line)  
594 seconds 
Copies: 1
Location: Cupboard MB (Tapes) [Media Room]

This video cannot be made available here since it is protected by Copyright (see Captions & Credits).

Captions & Credits:

00:00 The copyright of this video is the property of
GEC-Marconi Limited and the contents may not be
revealed to third parties without prior written consent
of that company
GEC-Marconi Avionics Limited is a management company
for GEC-Marconi Limited
00:21 MRT-S Maritime Patrol
00:29 GEC-Marconi Avionics: Sensors Division
00:36 The Thermal Imaging pictures shown
           in this were produced by
           the Multi-Role Turret System -
           a product of Sensors Division
00:44 Fokker 50
00:50 MRT-S on the CN235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft...
01:00 ...and on the Nimrod
01:59 Altitude 12000 ft; Slant Range 22 km; Surface Range 19 km
02:20 Altitude 18200 ft; Slant Range 46 km; Surface Range 40 km
02:48 Altitude 18700 ft; Slant Range 24 km; Surface Range 18 km
03:11 Altitude 25000 ft; Slant Range 73 km; Surface Range 66 km
03:24 Through Cloud
           Altitude 25000 ft; Slant Range 36 km; Surface Range 28 km
03:11 Altitude 25000 ft; Slant Range    - km; Surface Range    - km
04:26 Thermal imagery of Hong Kong harbour...
04:54 ...and the nearby industrial area
05:32 Coastline & Shipping Surveillance
05:51 Automatic Gain and Offset Control
06:29 Black Hot
06:52 White Hot
08:00 Oil Slick
08:25 Daylight I.R. Comparisons
08:32 I.R. No Blooming
08:47 Daylight Camera Blooming
09:03 I.R. No Blooming
09:45 Produced by GEC-Marconi Avionics, Basildon

Container Inscriptions:

GEC-Marconi Avionics
MRT-S Fokker 50/CN235 & MRT-S Gain Offset (combined)
Duration 12 mins
Reference Number 080194 & 082494
VHS; PAL Colour; Audio

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