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Thomson-CSF Management Meeting

Technical Information

Catalogue No: M0690
Media Type: Video Tape
Topic: Corporate / Business
Title: Thomson-CSF Management Meeting
Company: Thomson
Division: Not Applicable
Date: 30 Sep 1998
Physical Format:
VHS video cassette 
Image Format:
PAL video (625-line)  
8020 seconds 
Copies: 1
Location: Cupboard MB (Tapes) [Media Room]

This is a lengthy presentation in French with real-time spoken English translation. The caption timings and overall length apply to the full recording.

Some captions end in "[heading]" and these omit the text below the heading. The captions from 00:04:05 are from presentation images. Many of these are shown several times in the video recording then followed by the next one. Only the time of the first occasion is given.

Captions & Credits:

0:00:00 Thomson-CSF Management Meeting, September 30, 1998
0:00:08 Actualites
0:00:14 US Begin Shake-Out
0:00:45 Boeing; Raytheon; Lockheed Martin
0:01:47 Europe in Transition
0:02:57 France on the Move
0:04:05 To be continued...
0:04:40 Change to adapt    Adapt to change
0:06:40 Changing markets = new opportunities [heading]
0:11:36 Embrace change [heading]
0:14:21 Adapt; Calibrate; Fine-tune
0:15:58 What needs to be done [heading]
0:16:23 An ambition [heading]
0:19:01 A strategy [heading]
0:19:43 Be a major player in defense industry restructuring [heading]
0:37:08 Increase our world-wide dimension [heading]
0:44:59 Anticipate Customers' evolving expectation [heading]
0:53:26 Improve financial performance (1)
              Shareholder Value is the principal measure
              of a company's success [heading]
1:00:01 Improve financial performance (2) [heading]
1:09:58 Ready for the race...
1:10:33 The new organization [heading]
1:11:42 Cornerstones of the new organization [heading]
1:15:26 Solid foundations [heading]
1:19:46 Eight business groups created [heading]
1:21:23 [organisation diagram]
1:43:39 Streamlined corporate functions [heading]
1:46:43 Streamlined corporate functions (2)
              Develop horizontal synergies [heading]
1:49:42 Corporte Officers [organisation diagram]
2:00:30 [interval?]
2:00:43 Breathing new life into our Corporate Culture...
2:01:46 Management principles: "back to basics" [heading]
2:06:15 Revitalize management development [heading]
2:08:07 Stretching people potential [heading]
2:11:01 Ready for the future [heading]
2:13:33 Forwrd LOOKING; Forward THINKING; Forward ACTING

Container Inscriptions:

management Meeting
September 30th, 1998
Denis Ranque, Chairman & C.E.O

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