Video Tape Media Archive

The Video Archive also contains Sales and promotional items for company products and aircraft, in particular the F-16. There are duplicates of many of the films as Video Tapes became the current medium now of course superseded by DVD. Many videos are of routine flight evaluation of symbology or flight control systems but nevertheless have historic value.

NOTE: Some of the videos offer a playable media file; to search for only these, set 'Media Type' to 'Video' and 'Viewable' to 'Yes'. Playable videos have been provided in several formats to suit a variety of web browsers. The thumbnail panel (expandable to full-screen) should play but, if not, try the other formats or even another browser.
Title Cat No Topic Year
Active Matrix LCD Panel Demonstration M0189 Displays 22 Jun 1989
ALG Autonomous Landing Guidance M0211 Displays TBD
ARCATA 08222892-1A,B,G M0225 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
ARCHIE - A Reliable Computer-Human Interaction Environment M0207 Multiple Unknown
BAE Systems at Farnborough 2000 M0209 Corporate/Business 2000
Birdstrike on Canopy and HUD System M0205 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
Continuous Business Improvement (CBI) M0210 Corporate/Business 2000
DC Head-Tracker Ground Test M0188 Displays 21 Aug 1989
dpix Advanced Flat Panel Manufacturing M0218 Displays TBD
Elliott Inertial Navigation System for Blue Steel M0216 Navigation/Inertial TBD
Eurofighter 2000 First flights M0219 Aircraft, manned TBD
F-16 Aerobatics over Farnborough Airshow - the HUD Camera View M0202 Aircraft, manned Unknown
F-16 Birdstrike Shots 1092 & 1093 M0204 Head-Up Display [HUD] circa 22 Oct 1992
F-16 LANTIRN HUD Flight M0196 Head-Up Display [HUD] 16 Mar 1985
F-16-688 HUD Flight Test M0184 Displays 13 Jun 1984
F-16-688 HUD Flight Test M0185 Displays 18 Jul 1984
F-16-688 HUD Ground Test M0183 Head-Up Display [HUD] 25 Feb 1987
F-16C - Better than the Best M0174 Aircraft, manned 24 Oct 1985
F-22 Flight Test highlights M0186 Aircraft, manned circa Nov 1990
F-22 Head Up Display M0187 Head-Up Display [HUD] 07 Jul 1995
Falcon Building Holographic Unit Clean Area M0206 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
FARL Promotional Video M0194 Divisional 21 Dec 1987
FIREDASS Trials M0200 Research circa 1977
Helmet Development Testing M0543 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] Dec 1989
Helmet Testing and Flight compilation M0220 Displays TBD
Hermes M0169 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 16 Jun 1984
Hermes M0175 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 11 Jul 1985
Hermes M0176 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 25 Aug 1989
Hermes Engineering Trial M0177 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 29 Aug 1989
Highways in the Sky M0215 Navigation/Inertial TBD
HUD/EVS Flight Tests M0197 Head-Up Display [HUD] 12 Nov 1992
HUDs for Civil Aircraft (principles & trials) M0203 Head-Up Display [HUD] circa 1968
Integrated HUD Weapon Aiming Systems M0201 Displays Unknown
IRIS M0178 Displays 1992
ISD Queen's Award Ceremony M0179 Divisional 28 Nov 1988
LOCATE M0182 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 17 Feb 1989
LOCATE Evaluation Programme M0181 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) circa Sep 1988
LOCUS (Filtered and Unfiltered flights Cables and Ground) M0192 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 30 Aug 1988
LOCUS Test Flight M0193 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 10 Mar 1988
LOCWS The Movie! M0195 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) Unknown
Looped compilation for Open Day M0221 Multiple TBD
Mr Hearne flying in to Baltimore M0217 Personal/Personnel TBD
NATAL Evaluation Programme M0180 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 23 Feb 1989
Queens Award for HMD M0224 Displays TBD
Spark of Genius - The IEE Story M0229 Research 1993
Technology Demonstrations M0223 Multiple TBD
The Development of the F-16 (by Dr R. Bradley) M0208 Aircraft, manned 20 Nov 1996
Tiger: There's a Lot Riding on It. M0198 Rotary Wing Unknown
To be the benchmark M0213 Corporate/Business TBD
Total Terrain Avionics (T²A) M0172 Multiple 25 Aug 1988
TSR-2 M0212 Aircraft, manned TBD
UK Army Attack Helicopter Selection M0516 Aircraft, manned 30 Jun 1995
UK FLIR/NVG Demo Flights M0191 Head-Up Display [HUD] 12 Jul 1984
Virtual Retinal Display (VRD) M0190 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1995
Visual Guidance System M0226 Displays TBD
VSRA Flt 551,552 @CROWS. Dennis O'Donoghue M0214 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1995
Water/Fire Suppression Systems M0222 Passenger Cabin Equipment TBD