For over 40 years, Celab has designed and manufactured innovative industrial and defence power supplies for use in harsh and functionally demanding environments.  The company was formed in 1971 as Trio Laboratories Ltd and is located in Bordon, Hampshire. By 1979 the Celab name was being used in varying forms until in 2007 it was taken over by Murata of Japan and named Murata Power Solutions (Celab) Ltd . The company offers custom, semi-custom, and commercial off shelf products, such as avionics AC/DC and DC/DC, VME rack DC/DC, missile DC/DC, COTS AC/DC and DC/DC, tracked vehicle AC/DC and DC/DC, radar AC/DC, naval AC/DC and DC/DC, and space saving uninterruptible power supplies. Its products are used for land, sea, and air military applications; and industrial cable television applications.