HM Hobson

Hobson’s was founded in 1903 as H M Hobson Ltd., by Hamilton McArthur Hobson, George Cheeseman and Edward A H de Poorter. It was originally an agency for selling bicycles.

By 1953 the company could report its activities as follows:  "This firm is principally engaged in the design and manufacture of injection and float-type carburettors for aircraft engines. Other main products include ignition controls, engine (cockpit) controls, flap synchronising controls, hydraulic flying controls, hydraulic screwjack actuators, irreversible hydraulic jacks, and various gas turbine engine accessories".

The 1967 Official Handbook says that:-  "the company is now one of the major suppliers of power-operated flying control systems and electro-hydraulic servo mechanisms. Other items include constant-speed alternator drives, feel simulator controls, ball screw jacks and tailplane trim actuators; among the many aircraft using this equipment are B A C VC 10, BAC One-Eleven, BAC Lightning, Hawker-Siddeley Trident, Short and Harland Belfast and Sud-Aviation Caravelle."

Hobson’s then fell victim to the 1970s' enthusiasm for takeovers and amalgamations. They were taken over by Lucas Aerospace and became its Actuation Division. Thence via Lucas Varity and TRW they are now part of the Goddrich empire.