Holtzer-Cabot Electric Company was started in 1875 in Brookline as the Holtzer Co. Charles W. Holtzer began the company to make simple electrical devices like doorbells, burglar alarms and electrical lighters for illuminating gas. By 1880, he was also operating the first telephone exchange outside Boston.Between 1880 and 1888, the firm was known as Seth W. Fuller & Holtzer, and then Fuller, Holtzer & Company when George E. Cabot joined the business. In 1889, Mr. Fuller left the company and the enterprise became Holtzer & Cabot and formally incorporated as Holtzer-Cabot Electric Company.

In 1891, the company built an electric carriage able to carry two people; this was one of the early automobiles in America, and a very early electric car. The Company greatly expanded its telephone work from 1890 to 1915

Mr. Holtzer died in 1927, and the company expanded during World War II. After ninety-seven years, the company closed in 1972. Its remaining lines were sold to Eastern Air Products in Dover, New Hampshire, which still carries the Holtzer-Cabot trademarks.

Elliott Bros took out a license to manufacture the Holtzer-Cabot motors but at present we do not know which products they were used in.