Metrix AVO

Metrix AVO


In about 1964, METRIX was sold to the US Corporation ITT who owned the business up to 1994 and was active selling throughout the world, including the UK a range of “electric test and measurement apparatus”. In 1994, ITT sold SA METRIX to the French company

‘General Electronic Measures’, a division of ‘Group GMME’ a subsidiary of which is the French company SEFRAM. In 1995 ‘Group GMME’, in collaboration with the English company ‘Robin Electronics Limited’, established the English company ‘Metrix Electronics Plc’ (now known as ‘Metric Electronics Limited’).

It would seem that AVO marketed the ‘Metrix’ Luxmeter under a joint name.

Metrix joined the Chauvin Arnoux’s group in 1997 and became the brand specializing in industrial, laboratory and educational instrumentation. The brand develops the instruments designed on the historical site at Annecy-le-Vieux, which now houses one of the Group's research centres. 

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