XCEL Power Systems was originally known as MPE Limited which was established in the 1950’s in 1950’s Finchley, North London.

In the early years, much of the Company’s business revolved around mechanical engineering of products for the aircraft & defence industries. Weapons racks, bomb loaders, high intensity lighting gantries, and similar products were the mainstay of the factory’s output. In the 70’s and 80’s under new US based owners Adwest, the company by then known as Abbot Electronics turned its attention to electrical assembly and wiring, before establishing itself in the military power supply market with a number of custom designs for major UK defence contractors.

In 1996 one of the company’s major customers, XCEL Corporation, decided to purchase the custom electronics part of the Abbot business, which was by now situated in Ashford in Kent, and changed the name to XCEL Power Systems.

In April 2000 XCEL acquired Belix Power Conversion. 

(There are various companies with ‘MPE’ in the name and there is an MPE located in Liverpool which is long established but makes EMC filters. ‘MPE’ may have originally stood for ‘Modern Precision Electronics’.)