Schaevitz Engineering was founded in 1946 and was a New Jersey based manufacturer of LVDTs and other precision sensors. The business operated solely in the USA until an association formed with Electro-Mechanisms (EM) in 1963. This allowed their products to be distributed in the UK and also to be manufactured under licence.

Prompted by the success overseas, Schaevitz Engineering acquired the majority shareholding in EM and began manufacturing a UK range of inertial products in 1974.

The Schaevitz name traded until 1986 when the company was acquired by Lucas who changed the name of the business to Lucas Control Systems.

In 1997, the company became Lucas Varity and in 1999 was acquired by TRW. Throughout all of this time the Schaevitz brand remained strong and at the cutting edge of sensors technologies.

This business model continued until August 2000 when the Schaevitz Sensors and Components division of TRW was acquired by Measurement Specialities Inc (MSI). In 2002, the Measurement Specialties UK group was put into financial receivership and its assets sold. A group of former Schaevitz employees purchased the Inertial Products Division from MSI and formed the Sherborne Sensors Limited Company in July 2002. 

H. G. Schaevitz LLC operates in the USA and its Alliance Sensors Group was founded in 2012 by Harold G. Schaevitz and his father, Howard A. Schaevitz.  They continue the Schaevitz family tradition over the last 70 years of developing and marketing innovative position sensors and related electronics to serve the design engineers who create automation and/or testing systems for manufacturing, energy production, industrial and mobile hydraulics, and defence, as well as for R&D and laboratory testing and measurements.