Symbolic Displays [SDI]

Symbolic Displays, Inc. (SDI) is located in California USA and has been in existence since 1964 and under the present ownership since 1988. 

This is a company rich in experience and tradition, serving military and commercial avionics, and marine and ground-based platforms. Symbolic Displays' resources include a fully equipped CNC and manual machine shop, laser/photo chemical etching, paint and toning facilities, component and final assembly cells: printed circuit boards, harness, lighting assemblies, and a functional clean room to custom cut and resize COTs LCD glass.

SDI manufactures simulator displays, flight simulator control panels, cockpit displays, military aircraft panels, integrated and illuminated keyboards, and aircraft EXIT signs. Their product line includes LCD based Simulator Flat Panel Multi-Function Displays Units (MFDU), Color Display Units (CDU), Up Front Control Displays (UFCD), Night Vision (NVIS), LED based lighting systems for Displays and Panels, Edge Lit Panels (ELP), Integrated Control Panels (ICP), Avionic Lighted Integrated Keyboards, Switch Bezels Panels, Self Powered Warning/Caution EXIT signs, Cockpit Markers/Pointers for Commercial and Military aircraft.