Thomas Electronics

The company was formerly known as Thomas Electronics of New York, Inc. and changed its name to Thomas Electronics, Inc. in 2011. Thomas Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Clyde, New York with other locations in Illinois, Kentucky and France, Thomas Electronics, Inc. manufactures electronic display equipment, avionics display equipment and ruggedized avionics displays. The company offers head down display solutions, including monochrome, colour cathode ray tubes (CRT), CRT assemblies, flat fluorescent LCD backlights, and ruggedized LCD assemblies; head up display solutions that include flat fluorescent lamps; and simulation display/products, including night vision goggles training CRT assembly, platform replication CRT assembly, and projection CRT. It also offers tactical display products and portable displays, including miniature triple power supply for CRT’s, armoured vehicle monochromatic CRT, mini monitor, air traffic control CRT assembly, and LCD assembly for ruggedized display; helmet mounted displays; telecine CRT equipment for telecine transfer; and test equipment. Its products are used in commercial and military cockpits, including Asian, European, and North American bombers, fighters, helicopters, transports, and spacecraft.