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Rochester Site Aerial View circa 1982

Technical Information

Catalogue No: P0249
Picture Type: Framed Picture
Topic: Sites / Facilities
Title: Rochester Site Aerial View circa 1982
Date: circa 1982
Width (mm): 620
Height (mm): 540
Copies: 1
Location: Rack RAA12 (pictures part) [Mezzanine Store]

Amongst other changes, this view shows:
1) The greyhound race track (oval at bottom left); this was closed for development in 1979.
2) The "Flying School" part of the Rochester site (top left of airfield).
3) A rectangular area (left of the runways & opposite the Davis Estate) before its development into a hotel & retail park.
4) A rectangular area (right of the runways) before its development into the Laker Road industrial park.
5) The A229 road from Maidstone before the Bluebell Hill village bypass.

The picture is undated but is circa 1982 because:
* Phase III building is complete.
* Falcon Building was completed in 1983. This photograph shows the Portakabins which were in that location immediately beforehand.
* 8 acre car park exists.
* There are Portakabins in front of the hangars.
* The greyhound stadium had not been demolished.

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