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Rochester Site Aerial View circa 2000

Technical Information

Catalogue No: P0255
Picture Type: Framed Picture
Topic: Sites / Facilities
Title: Rochester Site Aerial View circa 2000
Date: 2000
Width (mm): 0
Height (mm): 0
Copies: 1
Location: Main Store

The wooden huts to the Northwest of the Towers are all still in place and the Falcon Building is shown to the Southwest along the Airfield perimeter. This building was the last major building on the site and was completed in 1983.

The picture is undated but is circa 2000 because:
* The new restaurant and visitor centre opened in 1998.
* New security office and hangars entrance plus walkway markings were after 1990.
* Diagonal parking pattern in the Towers car park was introduced after 1990.
* Faraday building would be constructed in the mid 2000s.

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