Framed Picture Picture Archive

This is a collection of mostly framed Pictures that have been used in Company Offices or corridors. Some of them were presented to the Company.
Title Cat No Topic Year
Multinational Tornado P0100 Aircraft, manned Unknown
TERPROM P0099 Navigation / Inertial circa 1980
HUD symbology in Landing Mode P0098 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1980
Presentation P0097 Corporate / Business circa 1982
Presentation by Mr W H Alexander P0096 Corporate / Business circa 1982
The Elliott Brothers P0095 Historic Unknown
Gyro Division Product applications. P0093 Gyro circa 1985
Pod schematic P0094 Generic or Unknown circa 1986
QHUD P0092 Head-Up Display [HUD] 2018
The Stirling Story P0091 Historic 07 May 1943
Phoenix P0090 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] circa 2000
Futuristic Poster 2 P0089 Corporate / Business circa 2000
Futuristic Poster 1 P0088 Corporate / Business circa 1985
Lynx Helicopter System boxes P0087 Rotary Wing circa 1975
Rochester Site Aerial View circa 1982 P0086 Sites / Facilities circa 1982
F-22 Raptor P0085 Aircraft, manned circa 2005
Eurofighter equipment P0084 Aircraft, manned circa 2002
Fly-by-Wire Jaguar P0083 Aircraft, manned 1982
Harrier under camouflage P0082 Aircraft, manned circa 1990
Aerospace and Defence P0081 Corporate / Business TBD
The 2020 HUD P0080 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
MLRS P0079 Ground Platform / Vehicle circa 1990
Last Tornado delivery to the RAF P0078 Aircraft, manned 1993
Early Fly-by-wire system rigs P0077 Flight Control 1974
AGM-84A P0076 Missile / Torpedo circa 1978
Advanced Helicopter Cockpit P0075 Rotary Wing TBD
Northrop F-20 Tigershark P0074 Aircraft, manned circa 1980
C-17, Anything, Anywhere, Anytime P0073 Aircraft, manned circa 1991
C-17 The making of a legend P0072 Aircraft, manned TBD
C-17 Head Up Display P0071 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
Mounting Tray P0070 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
F/A-18 Hornet P0069 Aircraft, manned 1980
F-22 HUD side view P0068 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
F-22 Head Up Display P0067 Head-Up Display [HUD] circa 1998
F-22 Raptor P0066 Aircraft, manned TBD
F/A-22 Raptor P0065 Aircraft, manned TBD
F-22 P0064 Aircraft, manned TBD
Gulfstream V P0063 Aircraft, manned TBD
Gulfstream IV SP P0062 Aircraft, manned TBD
RAF VC10 P0061 Aircraft, manned TBD
Test Rig 2 P0060 Generic or Unknown TBD
Test Rig 1 P0059 Generic or Unknown TBD
Skyship with Fly-by-Light P0058 Generic or Unknown circa 1985
Congratulations from the MDC Team P0057 Corporate / Business TBD
Marconi Sites P0056 Corporate / Business TBD
What is Avionics? P0055 Corporate / Business Unknown
Rochester, a good place to work and live. P0054 Corporate / Business Unknown
Your place in Marconi Avionics. P0053 Corporate / Business TBD
Introducing Marconi Avionics P0052 Corporate / Business TBD
SCADC Hologram P0051 Air Data TBD
SCADC Systems P0050 Air Data TBD
Pre-production prototype Air Data System. P0049 Air Data circa 1994
Helicopter Air Data System P0048 Air Data Unknown
In-flight Refuelling of a F-117 from a KC-135 P0047 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Typhoon HMD P0046 Head-Mounted Display / Goggles [HMD/NVG] Unknown
Viper™ Helmet P0045 Head-Mounted Display / Goggles [HMD/NVG] Unknown
Cats Eyes™ Front view. P0044 Head-Mounted Display / Goggles [HMD/NVG] Unknown
Cats Eyes™ P0043 Head-Mounted Display / Goggles [HMD/NVG] Unknown
Diffractive HUD in the F-16 P0042 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
F-16 Diffractive HUD Pilot's Display Unit P0041 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
A-7D/K HUD Display Unit with a SCADC P0040 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
F-16C/D Cockpit scheme P0039 Aircraft, manned Unknown
F-16C/D Cockpit P0038 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Hologram of F-16A/B HUD Display Unit P0037 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
Sea King AEW P0036 Rotary Wing 1984
F-14 DFCS P0035 Flight Control Unknown
Nimrod cabin acoustics desk scheme P0034 Surveillance (Sonar / Radar / CCTV) Unknown
Nimrod AEW P0033 Aircraft, manned Unknown
A-6 Real Night Aircraft P0032 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Supergyro cut-away diagram P0031 Head-Down Display [HDD] Unknown
GR-H4 Rate Gyro parts diagram P0030 Gyro Unknown
Boeing 747 with Flight Control System P0029 Aircraft, manned Unknown
EAP Digital AFCS P0028 Aircraft, manned Unknown
AMX with Flight Control System P0026 Aircraft, manned Unknown
EAP with Flight Control Computer P0025 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Jaguar FBW with Flight Control System P0024 Aircraft, manned Unknown
RAF Harrier GR7 with Flight Control System P0023 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Royal Navy Harrier with Flight Control system P0022 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Buccaneer with Flight Control System P0021 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Lightnings with Flight Control System P0020 Aircraft, manned Unknown
TSR-2 with Flight Control Computer P0019 Aircraft, manned 1964
Presentation for the 1000th A-7 PDU P0018 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
A-7 Corsair P0017 Aircraft, manned circa 1970
Painting of A-7 Corsair P0016 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] circa 1970
Concorde equipment P0015 Flight Control circa 1970
YC-14 FCC Control Panel P0014 Flight Control circa 1976
Early picture of the Data Processing Room at Rochester (2) P0013 Corporate / Business Unknown
Early picture of the Data Processing Room at Rochester (1) P0012 Corporate / Business Unknown
Spitfire P0011 Aircraft, manned circa 1940
Dakota Aircraft print P0010 Aircraft, manned 1944
French Aircraft print P0008 Aircraft, manned Unknown
US Aircraft print P0007 Aircraft, manned Unknown
British Aircraft print P0006 Aircraft, manned Unknown
German Aircraft print P0005 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Short Scion at Rochester Airport P0004 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Short Scylla at Rochester Airport P0003 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Hawker Demon fighters at Rochester, 1938 P0002 Aircraft, manned 1938
Elliott Flight Board P0001 Historic Unknown
Tornado with Flight Control System P0101 Flight Control circa 1980
AV8/B Night Attack (Harrier) P0102 Aircraft, manned TBD
Boeing 777 P0103 Aircraft, manned TBD
Airbus 319 P0104 Aircraft, manned TBD
A-7 Corsair P0105 Aircraft, manned TBD
T-45A Goshawk P0106 Aircraft, manned TBD
Harrier P0107 Aircraft, manned TBD
A-7 Corsair P0108 Aircraft, manned TBD
F-16s and Pilot's Helmet P0109 Head-Mounted Display / Goggles [HMD/NVG] TBD
F-14 Tomcat P0110 Aircraft, manned TBD
Eurofighter Typhoon P0111 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Sopwith Rhino P0112 Aircraft, manned TBD
BAC 1-11 500 P0113 Aircraft, manned TBD
Jindivik Target Drone P0114 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] TBD
Eurofighter Typhoon P0115 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Nimrod P0116 Aircraft, manned TBD
F-22 P0117 Aircraft, manned TBD
Helmet Mounted Goggles (Cats Eyes™ NVG) P0118 Head-Mounted Display / Goggles [HMD/NVG] Unknown
Rochester Site Aerial View circa 1965 P0119 Sites / Facilities circa 1965
Harrier P0120 Aircraft, manned TBD
Panavia Tornado P0121 Aircraft, manned TBD
Airbus A321 P0122 Aircraft, manned TBD
EAP (Typhoon) P0123 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Rapier Tracking Unit P0124 Ground Platform / Vehicle TBD
Airbus A321 P0125 Aircraft, manned TBD
Sea King P0126 Aircraft, manned TBD
Nimrod P0127 Aircraft, manned TBD
Tornado P0128 Aircraft, manned TBD
Sopwith Grasshopper P0129 Aircraft, manned TBD
Supermarine Walrus P0130 Aircraft, manned TBD
Avro 604 Antelope P0131 Aircraft, manned TBD
Sea Harrier P0132 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Merlin P0133 Aircraft, manned TBD
Eurofighter Typhoon P0134 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Sea King P0135 Aircraft, manned TBD
Boeing 777 P0136 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Jindivik Target Drone P0137 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] Unknown
Harrier P0138 Aircraft, manned TBD
F-16 LANTIRN HUD P0139 Displays Unknown
Helmet Mounted Display P0140 Head-Mounted Display / Goggles [HMD/NVG] TBD
Colour Tactical Display P0141 Surveillance (Sonar / Radar / CCTV) TBD
Nimrod MK2 P0142 Aircraft, manned TBD
Boeing CCIP Honour Roll P0143 Historic TBD
VC10 P0144 Aircraft, manned TBD
YF-22 P0145 Aircraft, manned circa 1990
A300-600 P0146 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] Unknown
Hawk P0147 Aircraft, manned TBD
Boeing JSF P0148 Aircraft, manned TBD
F-22 In Flight P0149 Aircraft, manned TBD
Boeing Apache Longbow P0150 Rotary Wing Unknown
English Electric Lightning P0151 Aircraft, manned TBD
Airbus 320 P0152 Aircraft, manned Unknown
YF-22 P0153 Aircraft, manned TBD
AMX P0154 Aircraft, manned TBD
Boeing 777 P0158 Aircraft, manned TBD
Airbus A340-300 P0159 Aircraft, manned TBD
Airbus A330-300 P0160 Aircraft, manned TBD
Airbus A319 P0161 Aircraft, manned TBD
Westland WG30-100 (Super Lynx) P0162 Rotary Wing Unknown
Hawk P0163 Aircraft, manned TBD
Boeing 777 P0164 Aircraft, manned TBD
Boeing 787 Dreamliner P0165 Aircraft, manned circa 2007
Control Stick P0166 Flight Control TBD
Boeing 777 P0167 Aircraft, manned TBD
Lockheed C-130J Hercules P0169 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Karman Seasprite SH-2F P0170 Rotary Wing TBD
BAC 1-11 P0172 Aircraft, manned TBD
Boeing JSF (Lightning) P0173 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Lockheed Neptune P0174 Aircraft, manned TBD
Boeing 777-300 P0175 Aircraft, manned TBD
Westland Lynx P0176 Rotary Wing TBD
SCADC Unit P0177 Air Data TBD
Boeing 777 P0178 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Harriers and Hunter P0179 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] TBD
Westland Lynx P0180 Rotary Wing TBD
AMX P0181 Aircraft, manned TBD
F-14 Tomcat P0182 Aircraft, manned TBD
Gulfstream IV-SP P0183 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Airbus 320 P0184 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Canadair Regional JET P0185 Aircraft, manned Unknown
EAP/Typhoon P0186 Aircraft, manned Unknown
F-4 Phantom P0187 Aircraft, manned TBD
Westland Lynx Helicopter P0188 Rotary Wing Unknown
Vickers VC10 P0189 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Aircraft Montage P0192 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Spearfish Torpedo P0193 Missile / Torpedo TBD
Phoenix P0194 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] circa 1986
Control and Display Unit P0195 Surveillance (Sonar / Radar / CCTV) TBD
ASW System P0196 Surveillance (Sonar / Radar / CCTV) TBD
Bell AH-1 Cobra P0197 Rotary Wing TBD
F-14 Tomcat P0202 Aircraft, manned TBD
Lockheed C-130J Hercules P0203 Aircraft, manned TBD
Boeing 777 P0204 Aircraft, manned TBD
AQS902/920 Acoustic Processors P0206 Surveillance (Sonar / Radar / CCTV) circa 1985
Historic Pictures of Company Heritage P0207 Aircraft, manned TBD
De Havilland Mosquito P0009 Aircraft, manned 1944
Boeing 747 Cockpit Instrument Panel P0208 Instrument / Indicator TBD
Boeing 747 Cockpit Instrument layout. P0209 Instrument / Indicator TBD
Boeing 747 Cockpit Instrument layout. P0210 Instrument / Indicator TBD
Boeing 767-300 Cockpit Instrument Panels P0211 Instrument / Indicator TBD
Airbus A320/321 Cockpit P0213 Instrument / Indicator TBD
BAe Systems Publicity Poster P0214 Corporate / Business TBD
BAe Systems Publicity Poster P0215 Corporate / Business TBD
Q-HUD for the C-17 P0216 Head-Up Display [HUD] circa 2008
F-14 with Digital Flight Control System P0027 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Harrier P0212 Aircraft, manned TBD
BAC 1-11 P0157 Aircraft, manned TBD
View in Flight deck on first Concorde flight. P0217 Aircraft, manned TBD
Rochester Airfield Site circa 1990 P0218 Sites / Facilities circa 1990
John Major visits Rochester site. P0219 Corporate / Business 26 Mar 1993
Aerial view of Gatwick. P0220 Historic Unknown
SCADC Module P0221 Air Data TBD
Jaguar Cockpit Layout P0223 Aircraft, manned circa 1970
BAE Systems Sailing Crew Photo P0224 Personal / Personnel 2002
Rochester Site Aerial View circa 2000 P0226 Sites / Facilities circa 2000
AH-64 Apache Helicopter P0227 Rotary Wing Unknown
F-16 Fighting Falcon. P0228 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Supermarine Spitfire. P0229 Aircraft, manned TBD
Eurofighter Typhoon P0225 Aircraft, manned Unknown
SOKO J22 ORAO P0230 Aircraft, manned circa 1975
Northrop F-20 Tigershark P0239 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Jaguar P0240 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Panavia Tornado P0241 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Eurofighter Typhoon P0242 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Eurofighter Typhoon P0243 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Artist's Impression of EAP P0244 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Canadair Regional Jet P0245 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Sea Harrier P0246 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Polaris Missile Submarine, HMS Resolution P0247 Maritime Platform / Vessel circa 1970
Boeing 777 First Flight P0248 Aircraft, manned 29 Jun 1994
Rochester Site Aerial View circa 1982 P0249 Sites / Facilities circa 1982
Rochester Site Aerial View circa 2000 P0255 Sites / Facilities 2000
New Site Building Plan (1) P0257 Sites / Facilities 2004
New Site Building Plan (2) P0258 Sites / Facilities 2004
New Site Building Plan (3) P0259 Sites / Facilities 2004
New Site Building (4) P0260 Sites / Facilities 2004
Rochester Aerodrome. Old Map P0261 Sites / Facilities circa 1939
Towers under construction circa 1961 P0262 Sites / Facilities circa 1961
Tornado P0263 Aircraft, manned Unknown
Oh no-Not the Battle of Britain again P0264 Historic Unknown