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EAP 1553 Databus System

Technical Information

Catalogue No: PC08850
Picture Type: Rochester Photo Negative
Topic: Aircraft, manned
Title: EAP 1553 Databus System
Platform(s): EAP 
Date: 3 Apr 1986
Width (mm): 102
Height (mm): 127
Copies: 1
Location: Negatives Cabinet PC ("C" Negs) [RAA Office]

EAP stands for "Experimental Aircraft Programme and was a technology demonstrator for what was to become the Eurofighter Typhoon. The sole aircraft (serial ZF534) first flew on 8 August 1986. The EAP aircraft was retired from service on 1 May 1991 and was then sent to the Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering department of Loughborough University, but, as of April 2012, it has been moved to the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford.

Marconi Avionics, in common with other suppliers, made equipment for the EAP at their own cost in anticipation of orders for the Typhoon. The items supplied included the Head Up Display, Air Data Computer, Flight Control Computer, Pilot’s Control Panel, Pilot’s Stick, Pedal Shaker Quadruplex Position Sensors and the Baro Set Panel. Around 6 to 8 sets of equipment were made and all were put through the full evaluation/qualification tests.



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