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Rochester Site Aerial View 1974

Technical Information

Catalogue No: PM30085
Picture Type: Rochester Photo Negative
Topic: Sites / Facilities
Title: Rochester Site Aerial View 1974
Date: 4 Nov 1974
Width (mm): 127
Height (mm): 102
Copies: 1
Location: Negatives Cabinet PM ("54/" Negs) [RAA Office]

Rochester factory site with the airfield and housing estates. Apart from the new Tower blocks the site is little changed from the pre-war years. The Fuel Flow Lab and Test House are the only buildings along the Southern perimeter. Some of the Huts on the North-East corner survived until 2017. There is a well worn track across the Playing Field to the north to a Social Club on the edge of the Housing Estate.

The large dark oval on the airfield adjacent to the Fuel Flow buildings shows where motorcycle grass track racing had taken place.
Grass track racing was held at Rochester Airport on otherwise unused areas away from the runways until the mid 1970s. This YouTube video shows some race action with fleeting views of Rochester site buildings in the background.

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