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Take-off director analogue computer and link frames

Technical Information

Catalogue No: PM00940
Picture Type: Rochester Photo Negative
Topic: Flight Control
Title: Take-off director analogue computer and link frames
Date: 20 Apr 1964
Width (mm): 108
Height (mm): 83
Copies: 1
Location: Negatives Cabinet PM ("54/" Negs) [RAA Office]

In 1964 Elliotts showed a take-off and overshoot director system at Farnborough to demonstrate the assistance it could give to ensure smooth, safe take-offs. The working computer was displaying the director output on a head-up display, although normal head-down instrumentation was also available. The unit gave pitch-plane director information to the pilot, and engine failure and noise abatement climb-out procedures had been programmed into the computer. The computer on the stand was programmed for a Comet and later that year it went onto flight trials.
In 1966 Robin Sleight and Ian Whitehouse filed a Patent relating to an improved Take-Off Director system; a simple and intuitive display was described in the Patent.
This picture shows a demonstrator system possibly at Sydenham or in a Hut at Rochester.

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