Photo Negative Picture Archive

This is an archive of tens of thousands of monochrome and colour photo negatives, covering products, platforms, the site and people.

If you have a specific requirement please contact The Curator and we will search our archive. Please note we may charge for provision of a copy of a photograph.
Title Cat No Topic Year
The Towers under construction PM00057 Sites/Facilities circa 1961
The Towers under construction PM00058 Sites/Facilities circa 1961
Tower 1 under construction PM00062 Sites/Facilities circa 1961
Bank and Pitch B Module from the Blue Steel Navigator (Quadrant shaped) PM00066 Navigation/Inertial circa 1960
Bank and Pitch Rate Amplifier Module (Quadrant shaped) PM00067 Navigation/Inertial circa 1960
Power Supply Module from the Blue Steel Navigator (Quadrant shaped) PM00068 Navigation/Inertial circa 1960
Fisher Valve Machine Shop PM00072 Manufacturing 1963
Electromechanical unit containing Elliott Transistor Amplifier module PM00382 Flight Control 1963
The A-7 HUD, EU and PDU shown by Colin Marshall PM12022 Displays 1970
80 Series HUD Electronics Unit PM13147 Displays 1970
Staff Ellis & Co. PM37603 Personal/Personnel 01 Oct 1951