Photo Negative Picture Archive

This is an archive of tens of thousands of monochrome and colour photo negatives, covering products, platforms, the site and people.

If you have a specific requirement please contact The Curator and we will search our archive. Please note we may charge for provision of a copy of a photograph.
Title Cat No Topic Year
Staff Ellis & Co. PM37603 Personal/Personnel 01 Oct 1951
The A-7 HUD, EU and PDU shown by Colin Marshall PM12022 Displays 1970
80 Series HUD Electronics Unit PM13147 Displays 1970
The Towers under construction PM00057 Sites/Facilities circa 1961
The Towers under construction PM00058 Sites/Facilities circa 1961
Tower 1 under construction PM00062 Sites/Facilities circa 1961
Bank and Pitch B Module from the Blue Steel Navigator (Quadrant shaped) PM00066 Navigation/Inertial circa 1960
Bank and Pitch Rate Amplifier Module (Quadrant shaped) PM00067 Navigation/Inertial circa 1960
Power Supply Module from the Blue Steel Navigator (Quadrant shaped) PM00068 Navigation/Inertial circa 1960
Fisher Valve Machine Shop PM00072 Manufacturing 1963
Electromechanical unit containing Elliott Transistor Amplifier module PM00382 Flight Control circa 1963
Towers under construction PM00059 Sites/Facilities circa 1960
Gyro Unit on AV Mounts PM00074 Gyro 27 May 1963
TSR2 Pilot's Display Unit PM04949 Head-Up Display [HUD] circa 1967
TSR2 Waveform Generator under tset PM04953 Head-Up Display [HUD] circa 1967
TSR2 Pilots Disply Unit. Module breakdown PM05483 Head-Up Display [HUD] circa 1967
ILAAS Projection Unit PM06349 Head-Up Display [HUD] 31 Jul 1967
Buccaneer HUD Production Area PM07825 Head-Up Display [HUD] 28 Jun 1968
Belfast HUD, System Units PM04991 Head-Up Display [HUD] 03 Mar 1967
Staff Ellis, working at desk PM05066 Personal/Personnel 03 Mar 1967
Auto Throttle Amp (Autostabiliser) PM00406 Flight Control 15 Nov 1963
Fuel Flow Laboratory PM00613 Fuel Systems 15 Feb 1964
Aerial View of Rochester Site 1965 PM02698 Sites/Facilities 17 May 1965
Fuel Flow Laboratory. Internal View PM00611 Fuel Systems 15 Feb 1964
Fuel Flow Laboratory. Internal View. PM00612 Fuel Systems 15 Feb 1962
Staff Ellis with Prince Charles. PM37599 Personal/Personnel 22 Dec 1988
TAC Model Shop. PM02842 Corporate/Business 25 Jun 1965
Three Axis Rate Transmitter. PM04798 Flight Control 28 Feb 1967
Power Supply for the VC 10 Flight Control System. PM04799 Flight Control 28 Feb 1967
Elliott E3 Inertial Navigation System PM05463 Navigation/Inertial 07 Mar 1967
Concorde Autopilot Control Panel PM08101 Flight Control 16 Sep 1968