Rochester Photo Negative Picture Archive

This is an archive of tens of thousands of monochrome & colour photo negatives, owned by the Rochester company and covering products, platforms, the site and people.

If you have a specific requirement please contact The Curator and we will search our archive. Please note we may charge for provision of a copy of a photograph.
Title Cat No Topic Year
Towers under construction PM00059 Sites/Facilities circa Sep 1960
25 years Mr Alexander/Mr Howard MAL PK00401 Personal/Personnel 18 Oct 1979
80 Series HUD Electronics Unit PM13147 Displays 1970
A-4 Pilot Display Unit PM30418 Head-Up Display [HUD] 17 Mar 1975
A-7 FLIR HUD & EU with SCADC CPU 140/A unit PM37343 Head-Up Display [HUD] 06 Jan 1988
A-7 HUD Symbology PM35032 Head-Up Display [HUD] 14 Apr 1980
A-7 PDU PM35827 Head-Up Display [HUD] 04 Dec 1981
A-7 PDU undergoing test and alignment PM32650 Test Equipment circa May 1977
A-7 TRAM VCU covers off PM30405 Camera/Recorder 12 Mar 1975
A-7 TRAM VCU covers on PM30402 Camera/Recorder 12 Mar 1975
Aerial photograph of Rochester site in 1976 PM31388 Sites/Facilities 20 Feb 1976
Aerial View of Rochester Site in 1965 PM02698 Sites/Facilities 17 May 1965
Aerial view of the Rochester site in 1989 PK04562 Sites/Facilities 21 Feb 1989
Air Data Computer PM36904 Air Data 15 Apr 1986
Airflow and Direction Sensor, Electronic Processor Unit and Dissplay with the development team PW01386 Air Data circa 08 Mar 1979
Auto Throttle Amp (Autostabiliser) PM00406 Flight Control 15 Nov 1963
Autothrottle Control Panel PM35296 Engine Control 28 Jan 1981
Aviation Services & Repair Division 1990 PK05592 Sites/Facilities 06 Jun 1990
Bank and Pitch B Module from the Blue Steel Navigator (Quadrant shaped) PM00066 Navigation/Inertial circa 1960
Bank and Pitch Rate Amplifier Module (Quadrant shaped) PM00067 Navigation/Inertial circa 1960
Belfast HUD, System Units PM04991 Head-Up Display [HUD] 03 Mar 1967
Bill Alexander's Leaving cartoon PK06235 Personal/Personnel 03 Apr 1991
Bucaneer HUD, Display Waveform Generator Mk2, Production Test, Sydenham PM05316 Head-Up Display [HUD] 03 Mar 1967
Buccaneer HUD Production Area PM07825 Head-Up Display [HUD] 28 Jun 1968
Buccaneer HUD WFG Circuit Board Illustration PM04848 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
C-130 Gunship Head Down Display PM30347 Head-Down Display [HDD] 18 Feb 1975
C-130 Gunship Head Up Display installed PM30339 Head-Down Display [HDD] 18 Feb 1975
C-17 HUD PDU PW03419 Head-Up Display [HUD] 21 Feb 1986
Chauffeur with Rover TC2000 1973 PM28730 Personal/Personnel 09 Nov 1973
CINCH HUD/WAC system LRUs PM32481 Head-Up Display [HUD] 31 Mar 1977
Computer Test Rig PW00295 Flight Control Oct 1967
Concorde AFCS Control Panel development model PM01808 Flight Control 10 Nov 1964
Concorde Autopilot Control Panel PM08101 Flight Control 16 Sep 1968
Concorde Cockpit PM11176 Aircraft, manned 30 Oct 1969
Concorde Display Unit PW00456 Displays 03 Jan 1970
Concorde Engine Instrument PM03584 Engine Control 09 Feb 1966
Concorde in build PM11823 Aircraft, manned 16 Jan 1970
Concorde Pilot's Controller PM03279 Flight Control 11 Nov 1965
Concorde Pitch Relay Jack Sensor PM06126 Flight Control 13 Jun 1967
Concorde Take-off PM12425 Aircraft, manned 31 Mar 1970
Concorde Trim Indicators PM06125 Flight Control 13 Jun 1967
Concorde Turbine Flowmeter Transmitter PM05457 Fuel Systems 03 Mar 1967
Crashed company Aircraft (Navajo) PW03805 Aircraft, manned 27 Mar 1987
Datum Adjustment Unit PM23216 Instrument/Indicator 26 Jul 1971
EAP aircraft in flight - artist's impression PM36784 Aircraft, manned 01 Nov 1985
Electromechanical unit containing Elliott Transistor Amplifier module PM00382 Flight Control circa 1963
Elliott Analogue Computer suite PM05381 Computing 03 Mar 1967
Elliott E3 Inertial Navigation System PM05463 Navigation/Inertial 07 Mar 1967
Elliott, Elevation Channel No2, Type No: 3D1341-A-1, covers off PM00070 Flight Control circa May 1963
Elliott's Computer Division personnel 1953 PM35374 Personal/Personnel 10 Apr 1953
F-16 HUD Electonics Unit on test. PM33772 Head-Up Display [HUD] 05 Apr 1978
F-16 LANTIRN HUD EU with cards PM35876 Head-Up Display [HUD] 27 Jul 1982
F-16 Trophies PK01589 Corporate/Business 09 Jul 1983
F5 PDU PK00533 Head-Up Display [HUD] 28 Jul 1980
Fisher Valve Machine Shop PM00072 Manufacturing 1963
Flying School Building, Rochester Airport 1969 PM08669 Sites/Facilities 16 Jan 1969
Flying School Building, Rochester Airport 1969 PM08671 Sites/Facilities 16 Jan 1969
Flying School Building, Rochester Airport 1969 PM08674 Sites/Facilities 16 Jan 1969
Flying School Building, Rochester Airport 1985 PW03146 Sites/Facilities 12 Mar 1985
Fuel Flow Laboratory PM00613 Fuel Systems 15 Feb 1964
Fuel Flow Laboratory (internal view) PM00611 Fuel Systems 15 Feb 1964
Fuel Flow Laboratory (internal view) PM00612 Fuel Systems 15 Feb 1962
Fuel Flow Laboratory on the Rochester site PK03139 Sites/Facilities 04 Feb 1987
Fuel Flow Units PW01388B Fuel Systems 1979
Fuel Transmitter System PM21174 Fuel Systems 10 Dec 1970
Gads Hill, Gillingham PM32139 Sites/Facilities 21 Oct 1976
German aerial photograph of Rochester Airfield PM31276 Sites/Facilities 10 Dec 1975
Group of 58 Elliott's Employees PM35580 Personal/Personnel 04 Dec 1981
Gyro Unit on AV Mounts PM00074 Gyro 27 May 1963
Hand held underwater viewing system PM37581 Maritime Platform/Vessel 25 Nov 1988
Handover of 1st F-16 Lantirn PDU/EU to USAF PK01101 Displays 05 Mar 1982
Handover of first AQS901 system PW01385 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 02 Mar 1979
Harrier Equipment PM35008 Aircraft, manned 20 Apr 1980
Helicopter Flight Control System PM30538 Rotary Wing 30 Apr 1975
ILAAS PDU Projection Unit PM06349 Head-Up Display [HUD] 31 Jul 1967
ILAAS PU & EU & displays PW00335 Displays 10 Jul 1968
Image of Rochester site through an A-7 HUD PM35268 Head-Up Display [HUD] 08 Jan 1981
Jack Pateman Entrance at Rochester site PK05868 Sites/Facilities 05 Oct 1990
Jack Pateman Entrance at the Rochester site PK05869 Sites/Facilities 05 Oct 1990
Jaguar FBW Test Equipment 1983 PW02501 Test Equipment 21 Jan 1983
Major UK Aircraft Programmes listed by Manufacturer PM27895 Corporate/Business 16 Jun 1973
Map Reader Circuit Board PM32490 Navigation/Inertial 04 Apr 1977
Metis HUD PK07837 Displays 14 Jul 1993
Milan/Mirage HUD system LRUs PM32410 Head-Up Display [HUD] 22 Feb 1977
Mirage 500 PDU PM37369 Head-Up Display [HUD] 20 Jan 1988
Mirage PDU PK06911 Displays 17 Feb 1992
Mirage Pilot Display Unit PM29675 Head-Up Display [HUD] 09 Jul 1974
Mirage Pilot's Display Unit PM29674 Head-Up Display [HUD] 09 Jul 1974
Montage of Head Up Displays PM37837 Head-Up Display [HUD] 11 Mar 1991
Mr Alexander with Queen's Awards PM36168 Corporate/Business 16 Nov 1983
New Road and Hopewell Drive Training Centre PW01780 Sites/Facilities 01 Dec 1980
PDU Boresight Alignment Jig PM34471 Test Equipment 05 Apr 1979
Peter Hearne with the John Curtis Sword PW02416 Personal/Personnel 26 Oct 1982
Phase III and Fuel Flow Lab at Rochester PW03139 Sites/Facilities 06 Mar 1985
Phase III Building Rochester PW03145 Sites/Facilities 12 Mar 1985
Pilot's Flight Control Stick PK05723 Flight Control 23 Jul 1990
Portrait of Mr Alexander PW00413 Personal/Personnel 06 Aug 1969
Portrait of Stafford Ellis PW01754 Personal/Personnel 16 Oct 1980
Power Supply for the VC 10 Flight Control System. PM04799 Flight Control 28 Feb 1967
Power Supply Module from the Blue Steel Navigator (Quadrant shaped) PM00068 Navigation/Inertial circa 1960
Presentation of Suggestion Award in the Corsair Building PM35949 Personal/Personnel 30 Nov 1982
Prince of Wales Award for Innovation and Production 1992 PK07157 Personal/Personnel 16 Jun 1992
Production Shop Floor at Rochester 1997 PK09675 Sites/Facilities 13 Jun 1997
Projected Map Display back end projector housing PM32495 Navigation/Inertial 06 Apr 1977
Pumpkin Competition PK06703 Personal/Personnel 11 Nov 1991
Receptionists at GEC-Marconi Avionics, Rochester 1973 PM27182 Personal/Personnel 1993
Red Arrows over Rochester Airport PM34666 Aircraft, manned 07 Apr 1979
Robin Sleight 25 Years Service Presentation PK02653 Personal/Personnel 19 Apr 1986
Rochester Airport 1986 PW03524 Sites/Facilities 06 Jun 1986
Rochester Production Department 1972 PM24610 Sites/Facilities 18 Jan 1972
Rochester site 1971 PM23430 Sites/Facilities 18 Aug 1971
Rochester site 1974 PM30085 Sites/Facilities 04 Nov 1974
Ron Howard PW04699 Personal/Personnel 14 Mar 1990
Snow at the Rochester site 1987 PW03726 Sites/Facilities 21 Jan 1987
Staff Ellis & Co. PM37603 Personal/Personnel 01 Oct 1951
Staff Ellis, J. Fisher and B. Gotting with Prince Charles. PM37599 Personal/Personnel 22 Dec 1988
Staff Ellis, working at desk PM05066 Personal/Personnel 03 Mar 1967
Staff Ellis's Retirement PK04495 Personal/Personnel 17 Jan 1989
Sub-reflection Drive Assembly PK09611 Communication 14 May 1997
Table of Marconi-Elliott Avionics Systems Supplied on Combat Aircraft & Drones PM27894 Corporate/Business 16 Jun 1973
TAC Model Shop. PM02842 Corporate/Business 25 Jun 1965
Take-off director analogue computer and link frames PM00940 Flight Control 20 Apr 1964
Testing the TSR-2 PDU PM05322 Head-Up Display [HUD] Mar 1967
The A-7 HUD, EU and PDU shown by Colin Marshall PM12022 Displays 1970
The AQS901 Copy Unit PW01388A Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 08 Mar 1979
The Fuel Flow Laboratory PM00613 Fuel Systems 15 Feb 1964
The FuelFlow Boiler Room PM01382 Fuel Systems 07 Aug 1964
The Towers under construction PM00057 Sites/Facilities circa 1961
The Towers under construction PM00058 Sites/Facilities circa 1961
Three Axis Rate Transmitter PM04798 Flight Control 28 Feb 1967
Towers under construction PM00079 Sites/Facilities 1960
Towers under construction PM00080 Sites/Facilities 1961
Towers under construction PM00084 Sites/Facilities circa 1960
Towers under construction PM00089 Sites/Facilities circa 1960
Towers under construction PM00092 Sites/Facilities circa 1960
Towers under construction PM00093 Sites/Facilities circa 1960
Towers under construction PM00095 Sites/Facilities 1960
Towers under construction PM00099 Sites/Facilities 1961
TSR-2 or Belfast Head Up Display Waveform Generator. PM04953 Head-Up Display [HUD] circa 03 Mar 1967
TSR-2 Pilot's Display Unit PM04949 Head-Up Display [HUD] circa 1967
TSR-2 Pilots Display Unit, module breakdown PM05483 Head-Up Display [HUD] circa 1967
Video Camera head PM37583 Camera/Recorder 29 Nov 1988
Viggen Test Equipment PM25879 Test Equipment 18 Jul 1972
Viggen Test Equipment PM25882 Test Equipment 18 Jul 1972
Vought Aeronautics Division Team PM10553 Personal/Personnel 16 Aug 1969
Vought Aeronautics Division Team PM10554 Personal/Personnel 16 Aug 1969