GEC-Marconi Radar and Defence Systems

A short-lived element that existed around 1995 as part of the GEC & Marconi empires.

GEC-Marconi Radar and Defence Systems (GM-RDS) was a management company of Marconi Electronic Systems. The company provided command and control systems for land, sea and air, missiles and missile guidance systems, air surveillance radar for long range air defence, multi-function naval and land radar and simulation and training systems for armed forces around the world. Alongside the ability to design, integrate, train, support and upgrade solutions such as these, the GM-RDS group was also a world class manufacturer. The company employed 4500 people and had a turnover of £678 million.


GMRDS was formed in 1995 as the vehicle for the Joint venture with Alenia Difesa. The Company Registration however can be traced back to  1955 when it was incorporated as Elliott Automation Nucleonics Ltd which in 1977 was renamed Marconi Radar Projects Ltd. It seems that the GMRDS name was short lived and was almost immediately changed back to Marconi Radar Projects Ltd.

It originally included the Radar, Command and Control, Simulation, Missiles and 'Secure' Divisions. Its first MD was David Fletcher and its HQ was in Chelmsford. The final name recorded in 2005 was BAE Systems Project Services Ltd

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