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Viggen Test Equipment

Technical Information

Catalogue No: PM25882
Picture Type: Rochester Photo Negative
Topic: Test Equipment
Title: Viggen Test Equipment
Platform(s): Viggen 
Date: 18 Jul 1972
Width (mm): 127
Height (mm): 102
Copies: 1
Location: Negatives Cabinet PM ("54/" Negs) [RAA Office]

The Viggen is a single seat aircraft and the HUD was deemed to be essential to reduce the pilot’s workload. A HUD was required not just for weapon aiming but also it was used as a precision landing aid, making it possible to aim just 30metres in from the threshold; to assist in the difficult manoeuvre of landing on prepared stretches of road of less than 800metres and at a low angle of attack i.e with minimal flare. The HUD was designed in close collaboration with Svenska Radioacktiebolaget, RAE Farnborough and with Elliott Flight Automation This is the Cathode Ray Tube probably made by Rank Electronic Tubes Co. Ltd (RET) then at Sidcup.

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