Delft Sensor Systems

Delft Instruments was created in 1990 from a merger of Oldelft and Enraf-Nonius, both from Delft. The head office was also established in Delft. Delft Sensor Systems was a Division is specializing in opto-electronic equipment.

The company OIP "Optique et Instruments de Précision" was founded in Ghent in 1919, after World War I. During this war, Belgium experienced indeed the urgent necessity of having its own optical industry, capable of providing the Belgian Armed Forces with spare parts and optical instruments, as well as repairing optical systems, e.g. military binoculars.

OIP was acquired by Delft Instruments but in 2003 Elbit Systems Ltd. announced that it had acquired Optronics Instruments & Products NV (OIP), based in Oudenaarde, Belgium, from Delft Instruments N.V. of the Netherlands, through Elbit's subsidiary, electro-optic systems developer Elop Electro-Optics Industries Ltd.