BAC 1-11

The British Aircraft Corporation One-Eleven, was a British short-range jet airliner of the 1960s and 1970s. Conceived by Hunting Aircraft, it was developed and produced by the British Aircraft Corporation when Hunting merged into BAC along with other British aircraft makers in 1960. The One-Eleven was designed to replace the Vickers Viscount on short-range routes. It was the second short-haul jet airliner to enter service, the first being the French Sud Aviation Caravelle. Due to its later service entry, the One-Eleven took advantage of more efficient engines and airline experience of jets. This made it popular, with over half of the sales at its launch being in the largest and most lucrative market, the United States. The One-Eleven was one of the most successful British airliner designs, and served until its widespread retirement in the 1990s due to noise restrictions.

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Years Manufactured: 1963 - 1989

Platform Type: Fixed Wing, Passenger

Initial Maker: British Aircraft Corporation (BAC)

Final Maker: British Aircraft Corporation (BAC)

BAC 1-11