Jaguar FBW

The Fly-By-Wire Jaguar aircraft first flew on 20 October 1981 and was the first aircraft to fly with an all digital FBW flight control system with no form of reversionary (back up) control. Following initial flight trials, the aircraft was further modified to make it aerodynamically unstable by fitting large leading edge strakes (wing extensions) to move the centre of lift forward. Lift and drag characteristics and tail plane efficiency were improved thereby allowing smaller lighter engines to be fitted with greater fuel efficiency, whilst greatly enhancing aircraft manoeuvrability ? important to the next generation of air superiority fighters. The test programme was completed in 1984 after 96 flights, having successfully demonstrated concepts which were subsequently incorporated into the Typhoon and Boeing 777 FBW flight control computers produced by the company. The Company supplied the four independent Flight Control Computers which electrically relay instructions to the flight surfaces.

Company text (Picture from RAA collection)

Years Manufactured: 1981 - 1984

Platform Type: Fixed Wing, Combat

Initial Maker: British Aerospace

Final Maker: British Aerospace

Jaguar FBW