Object Name Cat No Object Type Year
Lightning Air Data Computer Power Supply Unit C0189 Power Supply/Conditioner 1961
Lightning Air Data Computer Power Supply Unit C0195 Power Supply/Conditioner 1966
Lightning Air Data Computer C0190 Signal/Data Processor 1965
Lightning Air Data Computer C0283 Signal/Data Processor 1962
Lightning Air Data Computer C0284 Signal/Data Processor 1967
Jaguar Air Data Computer C0157 Signal/Data Processor 1969
Jaguar Air Data Computer C1310 Signal/Data Processor 1968
Jaguar ADC Module C1359 Signal/Data Processor circa 1968
Helicopter Air Data Probe C0322 Sensor/Transducer 1979
Height Lock Transducer C0130 Sensor/Transducer 1963
Height Lock Transducer C0107 Sensor/Transducer
Height Lock Cock C0576 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1960
Height Calibrator C0652 Test Equipment circa 1960
Gearbox Unit, Computing and Output Module C1506 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1975
Gearbox Unit, Computing and Output Module C1552 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1975
Force Balance Mechanism C0105 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1965
Fluid Pressure Sensor C0619 Sensor/Transducer circa 1980
F-4 Air Data Computer (space model) C0191 Model
F-4 Air Data Computer C0211 Signal/Data Processor circa 1986
F-14 Air Data Computer (SCADC2) C0160 Signal/Data Processor circa 1985
F-111 Air Data Computer (space model) C0192 Model circa 1985
EAP Air Data Computer C0155 Signal/Data Processor 1985
EAP Air Data Computer C0156 Signal/Data Processor 1985
Dual P-S Air Pressure Transducer Module C1048 Sensor/Transducer 1969