Brochure Document Archive

This archive has a large number of Brochures covering the equipment made by the Company and various Corporate, Divisional and Personnel brochures. The archive is useful for its description of the equipment and for dating items and events. The end of year reports and organisational charts show a Company ever changing in organisation.
Title Cat No Topic Year
Head Up Display for McDonnell Douglas C-17 D0001 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1987
The F-5 HUDWAC - Tactical Superiority for the Tiger D0002 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1985
The F-16 Head Up Display System D0004 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1979
LANTIRN Wide Angle Holographic HUD D0005 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1980
LANTIRN Head Up Display D0006 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1981
HUDWAC Head Up Display Weapon Aiming Computer D0007 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1984
HUDWAC Head Up Display Weapon Aiming Computer D0008 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1988
By Night as by Day. Operate in the Light of Experience D0009 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1984
By Night as by Day. Operate in the Light of Experience D0010 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1989
The F-16 Head Up Display System D0012 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1980
MONOHUD A miniature Head Up Display D0013 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1979
F-5E/F D0014 Systems TBD
HUD 2020™ Head Up Display for Commercial Aviation D0015 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1998
Head Up Display D0016 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1994
FD4500 Head Up Displays D0017 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1994
Wide Angle Conventional Head Up Display D0018 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1994
Digital Head Up Display D0019 Head-Up Display [HUD] 2004
Covert Night Attack Avionics D0020 Displays 1990
Cats Eyes™ - The New Night Vision System for Round-the-Clock Operation D0023 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1982
Cats Eyes™ - The Unique Aviators Night Vision Goggle D0024 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1990
Cats Eyes™ - The Unique Aviators Night Vision Goggle (Revised) D0025 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1990
Cats Eyes™ - The Unique Aviators Night Vision Goggle D0026 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1994
NITE-OP - Night Vision Goggles for Aircrew D0027 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1994
Nightbird Night Vision Goggles for Aircrew D0028 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1994
The Ground Owl™ Night Vision Modular Device Family D0029 Vision Enhancement (FLIR/Rifle Sight) 1994
Ground Owl™ - The Night Vision Goggles Designed for Ground Forces D0030 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1988
Starfire - The Rifle Sight Designed for Both Day and Night D0031 Vision Enhancement (FLIR/Rifle Sight) 1989
Night Owl™ - Night Vision Goggles D0032 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1985
Head Mounted Monitor D0033 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] TBD
Nighthelm™ - Dual Mode Helmet Night Vision System D0034 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1982
Look and Lock - Alpha Helmet Mounted Sight D0035 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1990
Knighthelm™ - A Modular Helmet Mounted Multi-Mission System D0036 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1990
Crusader D0037 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1994
Viper™ II - 40° Helmet Mounted Display D0038 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1994
Knighthelm™ - Helmet Mounted Display D0039 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1994
Knighthelm™ - Helmet Mounted Display D0040 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1996
Viper™ 3 - Pilot's Day and Night Helmet D0041 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] Unknown
Optical Helmet Tracker System D0042 Sensor/Transducer 1994
High Performance DC Helmet Tracking System D0043 Sensor/Transducer 1994
Solid State Helmet Mounted Display and Head Position Sensor System D0044 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1976
The Definitive Head Tracking System for Fixed and Rotary Wing Application D0045 Sensor/Transducer 1990
High Performance DC Helmet Tracking System D0046 Sensor/Transducer 1996
Optical Helmet Tracking System D0047 Sensor/Transducer 1997
Suppliers of Bespoke Helmet Systems to the Warriors of the Future D0048 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1990
GEC Avionics HH401 MonoHUD D0049 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1985
Helicopter Air Data System (HADS) D0050 Air Data Jan 1995
High Integration Air Data Computer - HIADC D0051 Air Data Aug 1994
Standard Central Air Data Computer [SCADC, 1982] D0052 Air Data 1982
Standard Central Air Data Computer SCADC Update [1983] D0053 Air Data 1983
Total Systems Capability in Mil-STD-1553 Data Handling D0054 Systems TBD
PHOENIX Target Acquisition and Surveillance System D0056 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] 1988
Phoenix Battlefield Surveillance System D0057 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] 1985
Phoenix D0058 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] 1992
Digital Air Data Computer D0060 Air Data circa 1970
IS 03-004 Air Data System D0061 Air Data
Digital Engine Controller D0062 Engine Control circa 1960
Lynx Helicopter AFCS D0063 Flight Control 1989
EFA Flight Control System D0064 Flight Control 1991
Fly-by-Light D0065 Flight Control 1989
Data Management for Maritime Aircraft D0066 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 1975
Fuel Flow Laboratory D0067 Sites/Facilities
Paris 1975 Product Information D0068 Multiple 1975
GEC Avionics Product Range D0069 Multiple
Super-7 Avionic System D0070 Systems Oct 1996
A new facility for precision hydraulic control systems D0071 Flight Control 10 Nov 1982
Elliott-Automation in Aviation D0072 Multiple circa 1960
Machan D0073 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] 1981
Instrument Systems Division D0076 Divisional circa 1991
Monitoring & Control Division D0077 Divisional 1990
Maintenance Data Panel D0078 Systems
Airborne Display Division Products Guide D0079 Divisional circa 1991
Into the 80's D0081 Corporate/Business 1980
Mission Avionics Division D0082 Divisional 1998
Mission Avionics Division D0083 Divisional 1997
Into '88 ...and still leading D0085 Corporate/Business 1987
Jaguar International - Navigation & Attack System Options D0086 Systems 1975
Jaguar International - Navigation & Attack System D0087 Systems circa 1975
The Optimum Head Up Display for the European Fighter Aircraft D0088 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
Torque Motors D0089 Actuator TBD
Who said "the sky's the limit"? D0090 Corporate/Business 1988
Review of Activities 1980 D0091 Corporate/Business 1980
Specification Folder D0092 Generic or Unknown TBD
Into 1986 D0094 Corporate/Business 1985
Airship Optically Signalled Flight Control System D0285 Flight Control 1989
Into 1987 D0096 Corporate/Business 1986
Engine Monitoring System D0248 Engine Control 1990
Into '89 D0101 Corporate/Business 1988
GEC '81 - Review of Activities D0102 Corporate/Business 1981
Powerplant Systems Division D0113 Divisional TBD
GEC Avionics D0114 Corporate/Business 1984
TICM II Modular Navigation FLIR D0118 Vision Enhancement (FLIR/Rifle Sight) 1987
TICM II Atlantic Nav/Attack FLIR D0119 Vision Enhancement (FLIR/Rifle Sight) 1987
TICM II Navigation FLIR Pod D0120 Vision Enhancement (FLIR/Rifle Sight) 1987
High Brightness Multifunction Colour Displays D0122 Head-Down Display [HDD] 1986
GEC RCT Polysilicon Active Matrix LCDs D0123 Research 1991
Nav/Attack FLIR Pod D0124 Vision Enhancement (FLIR/Rifle Sight) 1984
Navigation Displays and Controls D0125 Navigation/Inertial 1973
ITEM - Integrated Test & Maintenance System for AFCS D0126 Test Equipment 1972
Helicopter AFCS D0128 Flight Control circa 1979
Automatic Flight Control Systems D0129 Flight Control 1979
Active Digital Flight Control System D0130 Flight Control 1986
Target Control Systems D0133 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] 1987
MA-AFAS: More Autonomous-Aircraft in the Future Air Traffic Management System D0134 Research 2000
Who goes there? HERMES Remote Ground Sensor System will provide the answer D0135 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 1989
E3R Inertial Velocity Sensor D0137 Navigation/Inertial 1970
Elliott E3 Stable Platform D0138 Navigation/Inertial 1970
GI-G6 Rate Integrating Gyro D0139 Sensor/Transducer 1985
START Solid State Angular Rate Transducer D0140 Sensor/Transducer 1990
START D0141 Sensor/Transducer 1988
Welcome to Rochester. Avionic Systems Manufacturing Facility D0145 Manufacturing circa 2000
From Strut and Wire to Fly by Wire. D0147 Corporate/Business 1987
Flight Controls - A Total Capability D0148 Flight Control 1988
Cats Eyes™ - The Unique Aviators Night Vision Goggle D0163 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1997
NITE-OP - Night Vision Goggles for Aircrew D0164 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1997
NIGHTBIRD - Night Vision Goggles for Aircrew D0165 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1997
Viper™ - Helmet Mounted Displays D0166 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1997
Helicopter Air Data System (HADS) D0167 Air Data 1997
Sensor 8 High-Bandwidth Sealed Video Recorder D0168 Camera/Recorder 1997
High Resolution Colour HUD Video Camera D0169 Camera/Recorder 1997
The Ground Owl™ Modular Night Vision System D0171 Vision Enhancement (FLIR/Rifle Sight) 1997
Advanced Video Analysis Station D0172 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 1997
Aircraft Fuel Tank Gauging Interim Report D0174 Fuel Systems Oct 1979
The Customer and the Future D0097 Corporate/Business Nov 1988
Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) D0178 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 2007
Systems Engineering for Through Life Capability Management D0179 Systems 2008
Automatic Flight Control System for SNIAS-BAC Concorde D0185 Flight Control 1972
F-5E/F Weapon Delivery and Navigation System (WDNS) D0003 Systems 1994
Military Head-up Display System D0074 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
Airborne Display Division Night Vision Products D0021 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] Unknown
Hybrid-Electric Vehicles D0201 Ground Platform/Vehicle 2007
Instrument System Division D0075 Divisional 1988
Helmet Mounted Display Systems D0116 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 1987
Night Attack FLIR Systems D0117 Vision Enhancement (FLIR/Rifle Sight) 1988
GEC-Marconi - In-Flight Systems D0121 Passenger Cabin Equipment 1992
Combat Aircraft Controls Division D0127 Divisional 1985
Tornado Flight Control System D0132 Flight Control 1984
Inertial Systems for Military Aircraft D0136 Navigation/Inertial 1970
GEC-Marconi Avionics Brochure Wallet D0162 Generic or Unknown Unknown
Total Video System Capability D0170 Systems 1997
Video Multiplexers D0173 Systems TBD
Concorde A.F.C.S. Built-in Test facilities and ITEM system D0182 Systems TBD
SST Concorde D0183 Systems TBD
Display Helmet Systems D0022 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] TBD
Remote Piloted Vehicles - Autocontrol D0055 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] TBD
HUD-WAS, Type 664 D0131 Head-Up Display [HUD] Unknown
Business Improvement Newsletter D0189 Corporate/Business Nov 2000
EAP Advanced Carbon Fibre Composite Structure D0210 Manufacturing May 1985
Bristol's Miniature Syncroverter Switch D0232 Generic or Unknown Jan 1958
Technical Support & Modification Centre D0233 Corporate/Business TBD
Sharks '89 D0238 Personal/Personnel 1989
Partners in Advanced Technology D0239 Divisional 1988
Controls for the Future D0240 Flight Control 1988
Advanced Cockpit Displays D0247 Displays TBD
Fibre Optic Communication Links D0286 Communication 1989
Display System for Gripen D0263 Displays 1994
ISIS D-101 System - Weapon Aiming for Tactical Aircraft D0272 Gunsight Jan 1976
ISIS D-282 System - Weapon Aiming for Tactical Aircraft D0274 Gunsight 1974
Dual Mode Head Up Display Systems D0265 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
Britain in Space D0275 Generic or Unknown TBD
Data Acquisition and Management System D0253 Test Equipment 1988
Control and Display Unit D0254 Systems 1990
Generic Automated Powerplant Test Unit D0251 Engine Control 1988
Engine Speed and Temperature Indicator (ESTI) D0252 Engine Control 1986
MICRO - Microsystems D0255 Divisional TBD
Combat Aircraft Controls Division D0266 Divisional 1992
CACD Production D0267 Divisional 1992
Flight Control Systems D0268 Flight Control 1992
Pilot's Control Stick Assembly D0269 Flight Control 1992
Semi-Automatic Ground Test Station (SAGE) for the Tornado Flight Control System D0270 Test Equipment TBD
STORMS - Standard Stores Management Systems D0256 Stores/Weapon Management TBD
MSCADC - Miniature Standard Central Air Data Computer D0257 Air Data TBD
SCADC - Standard Central Air Data Computer D0258 Air Data TBD
HADS - Helicopter Air Data Systems D0259 Air Data TBD
AN/ASA-32 - Automatic Flight Control System D0260 Flight Control circa 1964
Ferranti ISIS Century Series - Weapon Aiming for Tactical Aircraft D0261 Gunsight TBD
Head-Up Display Type 4510 Cursive/Raster D0262 Head-Up Display [HUD] TBD
Instrument Systems Division D0235 Divisional 1986
GEC Avionics Limited - serving the world with technology D0209 Generic or Unknown TBD
Standard Central Air Data Computer [SCADC, 1987] D0271 Air Data 1987
Stay Safe this Winter D0202 Personal/Personnel Oct 2005
Sea Skimming Target D0273 Aircraft, unmanned [UAV] TBD
Standard Central Air Data Computer [SCADC, 1985] D0298 Air Data 1985
Thomson Marconi Sonar D0297 Corporate/Business 1996
Falcon Holographic Production Unit D0296 Displays 1983
Ferranti Display Systems D0293 Displays 1986
Guglielmo Marconi D0295 Historic 1984
People Achieving Together D0218 Personal/Personnel TBD
T²A - Total Terrain Avionics D0219 Systems 1988
Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk D0241 Aircraft, manned 1996
Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde D0242 Aircraft, manned 1996
Avro Vulcan D0243 Aircraft, manned 1996
McDonnell Douglas Helicopters AH-64 Apache D0244 Aircraft, manned 1996
Sopwith Camel D0245 Aircraft, manned 1996
Active Pilot Controls D0281 Flight Control 2008
Flight Deck Instruments & Flight Deck Display Systems D0282 Instrument/Indicator TBD
Support D0288 Divisional 1995
Head Up Display for DC-9 Super 80 D0294 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1979
Data Aquisition and Recorder Unit, ESD1584 (crash recorder) D0399 Data Storage 1996
Engine Monitoring System (EMS), ESD2020 D0400 Engine Control 1996
Accident Data Recorder System (ADRS), ESD3500A D0401 Data Storage 1996
Aircaft Integrated Monitoring System (AIMS), ESD3520 D0402 Camera/Recorder 1996
Airborne VHF/UHF Radio, ESD4600 D0403 Communication 1996
Network Security D0404 Corporate/Business 1991
Integrated Health and Usage Monitoring System (IHUMS), PA3700 D0405 Camera/Recorder 1993
Radar Altimeter, PA5200 D0406 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 1993
SPARTAN. Terrain Referenced Navigation and Terrain Following System. D0410 Mission Systems 1989
VLF Minimum Shift Keying (MSK) for Submarine Communications. D0414 Communication 1993
Integrated Health and Usage Monitoring System (IHUMS), PA3700 Series D0419 Camera/Recorder 1995
Airborne VHF (AM) Radio, ESD1741 D0420 Communication 1996
IFF/SSR Control Unit, ESD1447 D0421 Mission Systems 1996
IFF Airborne Interrogator, ESD283 Mkl and Mkll D0422 Mission Systems 1996
Flight Data Entry Panel, ESD1591 D0423 Camera/Recorder 1996
Shipborne IFF/SSR Transponder, ESD6817 D0424 Mission Systems 1996
Multi Sensor Turret D0425 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 1994
SEA OWL. Passive Identification Device. D0426 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 1994
Radar Altimeter, ESD5000 Series. D0427 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 1996
Missile Approach Warner and Advanced Missile Detection System. PVS2000 D0429 Mission Systems 1993
Intercommunication System SP-1450 D0430 Communication Unknown
Radar Altimeter. PA5495 D0431 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 1993
Weapon Control Systems, Harrier and Jaguar Applications., D0433 Stores/Weapon Management 1996
DATALOK L Data Encryptor D0434 Computing circa 1991
Lightweight IFF/SSR Transponder, ESD446A D0435 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) 1996
Shipborne IFF Automatic Decoder, ESD846 D0436 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) circa 1996
UHF/VHF Airborne Transmitter/Receiver, ESD1721 D0437 Communication circa 1996
Airborne UHF(AM) Radio, ESD1751 D0448 Communication circa 1996
HF Radio Systems D0449 Communication circa 1994
Elliot Flight Automation, Product Support D0507 Corporate/Business circa 1967
Flight Data Acqisition Unit (FDAU), ESD1954 D0508 Data Storage 1996
Flight Line Test Set (FLTS), ESD3502 D0509 Test Equipment 1996
Diffractive Optics Head-up Displays - the LANTIRN solution... D0510 Head-Up Display [HUD] 1983
Active Pilot Controllers for Rotorcraft D0512 Inceptor 2003
Airburst Proximity Sensor MFBF D0513 Sensor/Transducer 1996
Helicopter Air Data System (HADS) D0514 Air Data 1997
Spearfish, Advanced Heavyweight Torpedo D0515 Missile/Torpedo 1997
Open Day Brochure 1997 D0516 Personal/Personnel 20 Sep 1997
IND Dinner & Dance Programme D0517 Personal/Personnel 18 Feb 1977
IND Anual Dinner Dance Programme D0518 Personal/Personnel 16 Feb 1979
IND Annual Dinner and Dance 1970 D0519 Personal/Personnel 02 Jan 1970
Open Day Visitor's Guide 1983 D0521 Corporate/Business 1983
AN/GSM-333 Support Equipment System D0540 Test Equipment 1990
Tornado Product Support D0542 Divisional 1985
Modular Automatic Test Equipment (MATE ) D0544 Test Equipment 1989
MonoHUD AN/AVQ-34 (for military aircraft) D0553 Head-Up Display [HUD] Jul 2002
Multimode Radio Set, AD3500 D0554 Communication 1994
PCM Flight Termination Units PA3301, PA3305 & PA3306 D0555 Stores/Weapon Management Sep 1994
Solid State Acquisition & Recorder Unit PA3584 (crash recorder) D0556 Data Storage 1993
Flight Data Acquisition Units, PA3800 Series D0557 Test Equipment May 1993
IFF/SSR Transponder, PA6150 D0558 Surveillance (Sonar/Radar/CCTV) Aug 1993
IFF/SSR Automatic Localised Test Facility (ALTF), PA6660 D0559 Test Equipment Sep 1994
Total Logistics Support D0560 Divisional 1984
Tornado Support Contract History D0561 Test Equipment 19 Feb 1988
This is the AS&R Division of Elliott Brothers D0562 Divisional circa 1963
Rotational AC Pick-Offs D0563 Sensor/Transducer Jun 1964
Automatic Map Reader D0564 Navigation/Inertial 1976
920AT Computer D0565 Computing circa 1976
Combat Aircraft Controls Division D0568 Divisional 1983
Enhanced NVGs (EHUD) D0569 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 2002
Eurofighter 'Typhoon' Integated Display Helmet D0570 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] circa 2001
Helmet Mounted Sighting System (HMSS) D0571 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] Unknown
Next Generation Night Vision D0572 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] 2001
Rotary Wing Helmet Mounted Display D0573 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] Unknown
Striker® II HMD D0574 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] Jul 2014
Striker® HMD for ATAK D0575 Goggles/Head-Mounted Display [NVG/HMD] Unknown
Digital Colour Map for Rotary & Fixed Wing Aircraft D0576 Navigation/Inertial 1992
Digital Colour Map - Military Systems D0577 Navigation/Inertial 1989
Digital Colour Map - Rotary Wing D0578 Navigation/Inertial 1989
Total Terrain Avionics (T²A) D0579 Navigation/Inertial Unknown
Terrain Referenced Navigation & Terrain Following System D0580 Navigation/Inertial 1992
Automatic Test Equipment Division (ATED) - All Departments D0583 Divisional 1984
Tiger Tales Ray Hanna 1928-2005 D0599 Historic 2005
Spitfire 70th Anniversary Souvenir D0610 Aircraft, manned 2006
History of Southampton Airport D0612 Historic Unknown