Vintage and Antique The Collection

This category is for objects that are dated back to the early days of Elliott Bros or other companies . Antique is usually used for items over 100 years old and Vintage for items not quite that old.
Object Name Cat No Object Type Year
Barometer/Weather Finder C1799 Indicator/Instrument circa 1915
Button Hook and Leather stitch marking tool. C1806 Unknown Unknown
Aneroid Barometer C1742 Indicator/Instrument circa 1870
Aneroid Barometer C1743 Indicator/Instrument circa 1909
Aneroid Barometer C1749 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Antique Letter Balance C1750 Indicator/Instrument circa 1860
Binoculars C0645 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1900
Clinometer. C1748 Indicator/Instrument circa 1870
Compass C1725 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Compass C1726 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Draughting Set C1724 Stationery/Office Items Unknown
Draughting Set C1803 Stationery/Office Items Unknown
Galvanometer C1723 Indicator/Instrument 1905
Galvanometer C1801 Indicator/Instrument circa 1910
Gunnery Instrument C1798 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Hand Held Aneroid Barometer C1797 Indicator/Instrument circa 1895
Ivory Protractor C1715 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Ivory Sector C1716 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Magnifier clip C1805 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Marching Compass C1807 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Plan Chest C1753 Stationery/Office Items 1935
Pocket Altimeter C0939 Indicator/Instrument 1915
Ruler C0799 Stationery/Office Items Unknown
Ship's Log Sand Timer C1800 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Speed Indicator C0510 Test Equipment circa 1909
Speedometer 0-60 C1465 Indicator/Instrument circa 1920
Speedometer 0-80 C1468 Indicator/Instrument circa 1920
Spring Scale C1802 Test Equipment Unknown
Telescope C1717 Display Unit Unknown
Verner Cavalry Sketch Board C1714 Indicator/Instrument Unknown
Verners Pattern VIII Prismatic Compass C1713 Indicator/Instrument 1917
Wimperis Accelerometer C1497 Indicator/Instrument circa 1936