Head-Up Display [HUD] The Collection

The Head Up Display was developed to present flight information to the pilot overlaid on the view of the outside world and correctly aligned to it. This allows the pilot to maintain vision out of the cockpit.
Object Name Cat No Object Type Year
TSR-2 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0001 Display Unit circa 1963
Belfast HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0002 Display Unit circa 1968
A-4 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0003 Display Unit circa 1970
Strike Sight Waveform Generator Unit C0007 Signal/Data Processor circa 1967
Strike Sight Waveform Generator Case C0008 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1977
A-4 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0009 Display Unit Unknown
Strike Sight Alignment Telescope C0010 Test Equipment 1970
TSR-2 HUD Waveform Generator Prototype C0011 Signal/Data Processor circa 1964
TSR-2 HUD Power Supply Unit Prototype C0012 Power Supply/Conditioner circa 1960
F-16 AFTI HUD C0013 Display Unit circa 1980
Hunter HUD PDU Chassis Electrical C0015 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1976
FD4510 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0017 Display Unit circa 1982
F-4 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0019 Display Unit circa 1986
F-16A/B HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0020 Display Unit circa 1977
Mirage III HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0021 Display Unit circa 1980
F-5 Pilot's Display Unit C0022 Display Unit circa 1988
Strike Sight Pilot's Display Unit C0027 Display Unit 1964
Strike Sight Alignment Telescope C0029 Test Equipment 1970
Strike Sight Pilot's Display Unit C0030 Display Unit 1967
Type 80 HUD Optical Module C0031 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1968
Train HUD Display Unit (trial unit) C0032 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 2007
Strike Sight PDU Tube Unit Assembly C0033 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
A-7 TRAM Head Up Display C0034 Display Unit circa 1973
PeriHUD Optics Demonstrator C0035 Display Unit circa 1975
F-4 PeriHUD Pilot's Display Unit C0036 Display Unit circa 1975
Hunter Raster HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0037 Display Unit circa 1976
YF-16 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0038 Display Unit circa 1972
Mirage IIIC HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0039 Display Unit Unknown
A-7 TRAM HUD Electronics Unit C0041 Signal/Data Processor circa 1976
LANTIRN HUD Diffractive Combiner Demonstrator C0042 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1978
Project 664 HUD Optical Module C0043 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1972
Project 956 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0046 Display Unit circa 1984
JSF HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0049 Display Unit 1998
A-7D/K HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0050 Display Unit 1985
SAC HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0051 Display Unit circa 1988
F-20 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0052 Display Unit circa 1983
HUD Liquid-Filled Multi-Combiner C0053 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
Civil HUD Overhead Pilot's Display Unit C0054 Display Unit 1992
Civil HUD Overhead Unit C0055 Display Unit circa 1994
A-7 HUD Optical Module C0058 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
A-7 HUD Optical Module C0059 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
HUD Glass Multi-Combiner C0076 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1979
F-4 PeriHUD Combiner Assembly C0077 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1975
F-22 HUD Prototype Optical Module & CRT Assembly C0078 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1991
TSR-2 HUD Optical Module C0079 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
F-16 LANTIRN HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0098 Display Unit 1985
A-7 HUD Optical Module C0139 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
A-7 HUD Optical Module C0140 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
Hunter HUD Optical Module C0141 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1976
HUD PDU Mounting Tray C0142 Mounting Tray Unknown
F-16 LANTIRN HUD Optical Module C0143 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
A-7 HUD Optical Module C0144 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
A-7 HUD Optical Module C0145 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
HUD Dual Combiner Assembly C0198 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
A-4 HUD Video Signals Unit C0199 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
A-4 HUD Electronics Unit C0200 Signal/Data Processor circa 1974
Gulfstream HUD Combiner Unit C0203 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1998
Gulfstream HUD Control Panel Unit C0204 Control/Data Entry circa 1998
Gulfstream HUD Overhead Unit C0205 Display Unit 1998
F-16 LANTIRN HUD (display model) C0252 Model Unknown
F-16C/D HUD (space model) C0253 Model Unknown
F-16 HUD Combiner with Falcon Hologram C0278 Trophy/Award Unknown
A-7 HUD Glass Multi-Combiner C0280 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1979
F-16C/D HUD Combiner Assembly C0281 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
HUD Dual Holographic Combiner Assembly C0282 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
MonoHUD Optical Module C0291 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
MonoHUD Display Unit Demonstrator C0292 Display Unit Unknown
MonoHUD Tube Unit Assembly C0293 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
MonoHUD Tube Unit Assembly C0294 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1979
MonoHUD CRT Assembly C0295 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
MonoHUD Tube Unit Assembly C0296 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1979
MonoHUD PDU Chassis Bits C0297 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
MonoHUD Optical Module C0298 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
A-7 TRAM HUD Control Panel C0299 Control/Data Entry circa 1974
A-7 HUD Control Panel C0300 Control/Data Entry Unknown
A-7 TRAM HUD Control Panel C0301 Control/Data Entry 1970
F-16 LANTIRN HUD Diffractive Combiner Assembly C0302 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
F-16 LANTIRN HUD Optical Module C0303 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
HUD Relay Lens Module C0304 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1992
F-16C/D HUD Optical Module C0306 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
JSF HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0307 Display Unit circa 1998
Typhoon HUD PDU Chassis C0308 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1992
F-16 LANTIRN HUD Diffractive Combiner Assembly C0309 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
A-4 HUDWAC Display Computer C0325 Signal/Data Processor 1973
HUD Electronics Unit C0326 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
HUD Electronics Unit C0327 Signal/Data Processor circa 1991
HUD Electronics Unit C0328 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
HUD EU Low Voltage Power Supply Unit (LVPSU) C0330 Power Supply/Conditioner Unknown
HUD EU LVPSU C0331 Power Supply/Conditioner Unknown
HUD Electronics Unit (electrical chassis only) C0332 Signal/Data Processor 1987
HUD Electronics Unit C0333 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
HUD Electronics Unit C0334 Signal/Data Processor circa 1991
A-7 HUD PDU Low Voltage Power Supply Unit C0338 Power Supply/Conditioner 1975
Gulfstream HUD Pilot's Control Unit C0339 Control/Data Entry circa 1992
HUD High Voltage Power Supply Unit C0351 Power Supply/Conditioner 1987
F-16C/D HUD Electronics Unit C0352 Signal/Data Processor circa 1983
F-16 LANTIRN HUD Diffractive Combiner Glareshields C0358 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
Gulfstream HUD Overhead Unit Mounting Tray C0367 Mounting Tray circa 1991
Civil HUD Overhead Unit Chassis C0368 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1991
Civil HUD HV Power Supply Unit C0369 Power Supply/Conditioner 1998
HUD Chassis C0370 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1992
Civil HUD Optical Module C0371 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1991
Roof Prism Assembly C0410 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) C0413 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1980
Typhoon HUD CRT Assembly C0414 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1998
Buccaneer HUD Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) C0415 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1976
Tornado HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0416 Display Unit 1993
Buccaneer HUD Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) C0417 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1976
F-5 HUD Cathode Ray Tube C0418 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1987
F-5 HUD Tube Unit Assembly C0419 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1989
F-5 HUD CRT Assembly C0420 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1989
A-4 HUD Cathode Ray Tube C0421 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1976
HUD CRT Assembly C0422 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1997
F-16C/D HUD CRT Assembly C0423 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1987
F-16C/D HUD CRT Assembly C0424 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1996
F-16C/D HUD Tube Unit Assembly C0425 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 2000
C-17 HUD CRT Assembly C0426 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1996
HUD Cathode Ray Tube C0427 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1993
HUD Cathode Ray Tube C0428 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1979
HUD Cathode Ray Tube C0429 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1979
A-10 LANTIRN HUD PDU (space model) C0448 Model circa 1980
F-5 HUD PDU (space model) C0449 Model circa 1990
F-5 HUD Cathode Ray Tube C0454 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1994
A-7 HUD EU Core Plane Module C0469 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1970
Adder Memory Circuit Board C0473 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1968
C-17 HUD circuit module C0477 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1988
A-4 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0480 Display Unit circa 1973
A-4 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0481 Display Unit Unknown
F-16 HUD Output Clocks Module C0498 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1983
HUD PDU Video Card C0503 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1985
HUD PDU Display Control Card C0504 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1986
HUD CRT Matching Card Circuit Board C0505 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1989
HUD High Voltage Power Supply Unit Prototype C0506 Power Supply/Conditioner Unknown
Mirage HUD Up-Front Control Panel C0512 Control/Data Entry circa 1980
HUD EU Mounting Tray C0514 Mounting Tray circa 1993
HUD EU Mounting Tray Sub-assembly C0515 Mounting Tray 1983
HUD EU Cooling Rig C0516 Mounting Tray circa 1984
HUD Symbol Generator Computer Unit C0523 Signal/Data Processor 1992
F-16C/D HUD Optical Module C0529 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1992
HUD Camera C0531 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
HUD Up-Front Control Panel C0532 Control/Data Entry circa 1989
HUD High Voltage Power Supply Unit C0533 Power Supply/Conditioner Unknown
Veronic ECU Pre-Regulator Unit C0534 Power Supply/Conditioner circa 2000
Strike Sight Combiner Glass C0536 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
LANTIRN HUD Diffractive Combiner Prototype C0554 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1970
F-16C/D HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0560 Display Unit circa 1986
Typhoon HUD (space model) C0561 Model circa 1991
Pilot's Control Panel C0569 Control/Data Entry circa 1970
HUD Electronics Unit C0590 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Buccaneer HUD CRT Housing C0615 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1962
HUD Combiner Glass C0621 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
HUD Up Front Control Panel C0622 Control/Data Entry circa 1988
Ancillary Card Circuit Board C0630 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1986
F-16 HUD "Symbol Generator A", Circuit Module C0633 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1986
Veronic HUD PDU Chassis Electrical C0636 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 2000
F-16C/D HUD EDU Chassis Mechanical C0640 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1995
Strike Sight Optical Module C0641 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1962
F-16C/D HUD PDU Video Amplifier PCB C0644 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1986
F-16C/D HUD EDU Chassis Mechanical C0647 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1995
F-16 LANTIRN HUD Diffractive Combiner Glass Set C0648 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1986
Typhoon HUD Diffractive Combiner Glass C0651 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1992
Tornado HUD Dual Combiner Assembly C0657 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
C-17 HUD PDU Chassis Casting C0672 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1986
F-16A/B HUD Chassis C0673 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
F-16C/D CRT Assembly C0674 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1984
F-16 HUD Illuminated Control Panel C0677 Control/Data Entry 1986
HUD Autobrilliance Sensor (ABS) Module C0678 Sensor/Transducer Unknown
C-17 HUD Symbol Generator Card C0682 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1988
Power Supply C0697 Power Supply/Conditioner 2012
HUD PDU Video card C0699 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1988
Visual Guidance Systems (VGS) Sticker C0714 Promotional Item circa 1998
Stress Ball VGS C0739 Promotional Item circa 1997
LANTIRN HUD Sticker C0755 Promotional Item circa 1980
Visual Guidance Systems (VGS) Sticker C0774 Promotional Item circa 1998
Project 956 HUD Optical Module C0782 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1980
F-16C/D HUD Y Deflection Module C0784 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1983
F-22 HUD Optical Module C0786 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1991
EAP Diffractive HUD PDU C0787 Display Unit circa 1984
F-16 LANTIRN HUD PDU Chassis & Optics C0788 Display Unit Unknown
F-22 HUD Diffractive Combiner Assembly C0796 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1991
F-22 HUD Diffractive Combiner Assembly C0797 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1991
Tornado HUD Dual Combiner Assembly C0798 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1998
F-5 HUD Optical Module C0803 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1993
F-16 LANTIRN HUD Optical Module C0804 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
HUD Overhead Unit (space model) C0805 Model circa 1992
F-16A/B HUD Combiner Assembly C0808 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
HUD Dual Combiner Glass (partial) C0809 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
F-16A/B HUD Optical Module C0810 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
F-16A/B HUD Optical Module C0811 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
Strike Sight Optical Module C0812 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
HUD Video Camera Electronics Unit C0813 Signal/Data Processor 1982
HUD Video Camera Assembly (space model) C0814 Model 1996
HUD Camera (space model) C0815 Model 1978
HUD Prism Block C0817 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
F-16 C/D HUD Symbol Control Circuit Board C0846 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1983
Gulfstream HUD Display Guidance Computer C0852 Signal/Data Processor circa 1998
STC for Boeing 737-800 C0871 Plaque/Certificate 1999
STC for Gulfstream C0872 Plaque/Certificate 1997
HUD Electronics Unit C0881 Signal/Data Processor circa 1983
F-16C/D EU Low Voltage Power Supply Unit (LVPSU) C0882 Power Supply/Conditioner circa 1985
Gulfstream HUD Overhead Unit (space model) C0883 Model circa 1997
TSR-2 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C0906 Display Unit 1963
HUD Adjustment Panel C0907 Control/Data Entry 1964
HUD Annunciator Panel C0956 Indicator/Instrument 1999
HUD Optical Module's Standby Sight Injection Block C0962 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1976
F-16A/B HUD Exit Lens & Combiner Assembly C0986 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
Strike Sight Optical Module C0987 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1960
Gulfstream HUD Overhead Unit C1000 Display Unit circa 1998
Strike Sight Combiner Glass C1011 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
F-16A/B HUD Display Unit (partial) C1033 Display Unit Unknown
HUD Annunciator Panel C1041 Indicator/Instrument 1998
Gulfstream HUD Control Panel C1042 Control/Data Entry 2001
T-50 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C1056 Display Unit circa 2002
Gulfstream HUD Overhead Unit (space model) C1079 Model circa 2000
F-16 LANTIRN HUD Illuminated Control Panel C1081 Control/Data Entry 1988
Illuminated Control Panel C1082 Control/Data Entry 1989
HUD Combiner Assembly C1088 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 2003
HUD Dual Combiner Assembly C1111 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
Gulfstream HUD Display Guidance Computer C1115 Signal/Data Processor Unknown
Gulfstream HUD Overhead Unit C1131 Display Unit circa 1998
Gulfstream HUD Combiner Unit C1136 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 2000
HUD CRT Assembly C1147 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 2000
HUD PDU (space model) C1154 Model circa 1998
HUD Dual Combiner Assembly C1159 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
HUD Dual Combiner Assembly C1160 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
CF-116 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C1164 Display Unit 1966
Civil HUD Overhead Unit Mounting Tray C1184 Mounting Tray circa 1998
HUD Video Camera [HVC] & Up-Front Control Panel [UFCP] C1192 Control/Data Entry 1991
A-4 HUD Pilot's Display Unit C1193 Display Unit circa 1975
TecHUD Overhead Unit C1207 Display Unit circa 1997
CASA 101 HUD (space model) C1219 Model circa 1988
F-4 HUD (space model) C1220 Model circa 1986
HUD cardboard model C1262 Model 2009
EFA Diffractive Combiner Assembly C1286 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1993
Drive Processing Module C1291 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1992
Power Supply Unit C1297 Power Supply/Conditioner circa 1970
F-16C/D HUD Display Unit (space model) C1298 Model circa 1985
Tube Unit Assembly C1330 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1985
HUD Up-Front Control Panel (UFCP) C1331 Control/Data Entry 1998
Civil HUD Combiner Assy C1362 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1998
Civil HUD OHU Optical Module C1366 Display Unit circa 1997
QHUD Unit C1374 Display Unit 2008
Civil HUD Combiner Glass C1375 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1997
Strike Sight Combiner Glass C1377 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1960
Raised Sight Line Telescope Mounting Jig C1426 Test Equipment circa 1960
Strike Sight Optical Module C1435 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1962
Core Plane Module. C1436 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1970
Civil HUD Mounting Tray C1439 Mounting Tray circa 1997
Civil HUD Combiner Glass C1440 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1992
Eurofighter(Typhoon) HUD Display Unit C1441 Display Unit circa 1995
EFA Diffractive Combiner Glass C1442 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1994
EFA Diffractive Combiner Glass C1443 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 2012
EFA Diffractive Combiner Glass C1444 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 2012
Boeing JSF HUD Optical Module C1446 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1998
Boeing JSF HUD Electronics Assembly C1447 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1998
F-16 LANTIRN HUD Alignment/Matching Rig C1448 Test Equipment Unknown
Q-HUD B-model Demo System C1450 Display Unit 2009
Optical Module C1451 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1985
C-17 DUST HUD DU Chassis C1452 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 2003
F-5 HUD Chassis C1454 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1996
Civil HUD Combiner Assembly, Mounting Tray and Control Panel C1455 Display Unit 1999
Civil HUD OHU C1456 Display Unit circa 2001
Civil HUD OHU, Mounting Tray and Combiner Assembly C1457 Display Unit 1999
Q-HUD A-model Demo system C1458 Model circa 2002
Civil HUD OHU Casing C1459 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1998
F-5 HUD DU Chassis Electrical C1461 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1993
HUD Control Panel C1470 Control/Data Entry circa 1986
CRT Assy C1525 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
EU Mounting Tray C1547 Mounting Tray circa 1988
HUD Control Unit C1549 Control/Data Entry 1968
A-7 Head Up Display C1601 Display Unit circa 1970
F-16C/D HUD Advanced Electronics Unit (space/mass/thermal model) C1626 Model circa 1995
Line Scan P/S Extender C1630 Test Equipment Unknown
EU Test Set C1631 Test Equipment circa 1984
Scan Conversion Generator PCB. C1635 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1991
Symbol Store PCB. C1636 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1991
F-16 Combiner Glass C1675 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
F-16 Combiner Glass C1676 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
HUD Cathode Ray Tube C1685 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 2003
Q-HUD demonstration space model C1686 Model circa 2010
LITEHUD (space model) C1689 Model 2012
Tornado HUD Pilot's Display Unit C1694 Display Unit circa 2002
Civil HUD Combiner Glass C1701 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 2000
Top Cover for TecHUD Overhead Unit C1702 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1997
Civil HUD OverHead Unit (OHU) Assembly C1711 Display Unit 1999
Head Up Display Repeater C1764 Display Unit circa 1995
C-17 HUD Demonstrator C1775 Display Unit circa 1990
Display Unit HUD DLE C1776 Display Unit Unknown
LiteHUD C1777 Display Unit Unknown
Eurofighter(Typhoon) HUD Display Unit C1778 Display Unit 1997
Pilots Display Unit C1779 Display Unit 1987
C 130 Gun Ship HUD. Space Model. C1812 Display Unit Unknown
F-16 LANTIRN Display Unit (space model) C1813 Model Unknown
Head Up Display. Dual Combiner Glass. C1816 Display Unit Unknown
Projector Module C1818 Display Unit circa 2005
EFA (Typhoon) HUD Optical Assembly C1831 Display Unit circa 1995
Q HUD PDU C1833 Display Unit circa 2009
Typhoon HUD TV Camera C1835 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component Unknown
Mirage lll Optical Module. C1836 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1980
LITEHUD in Carrying frame. C1838 Display Unit Unknown
Bore Sight Alignment Tool Assy. C1853 Test Equipment circa 2003
Civil HUD Alignment Jig. C1854 Test Equipment circa 2003
Cathode Ray Tube. C1856 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component circa 1950
Cathode Ray Tube. C1857 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1992
Cathode Ray Tube. C1858 Module/Sub-Assembly/Component 1992
Mounting Tray, HUD Set PDU C1860 Mounting Tray Unknown
Optical Unit Model C1861 Model Unknown